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Qingchen in Changsha

2021-08-31 20:22:21 Photography

    The morning light rises in August , See sunshine in the flying dust , Into the window without the curtains closed , And the constant noise in the street , Come with it . The spring of Changsha has been tightened , The big workshop is running again , The lathe also began to roar . I couldn't help looking out of the window , have a look 2021 year 8 month 26 Changsha on the morning of the th , What are you busy with . that , What is Changsha doing ? It seems that no one is reading 《 A room of one's own 》. It seems , Haydn's performance , It can't interest Changsha at all .

    Through the heat of tea , I saw a hurried pedestrian at the subway entrance , Here comes a little brother , There comes an uncle , Another dog ran after a little sister ; Are there some people running on the sidewalk downstairs . The charm of Changsha is here , You'll never find two similar people , Everyone seems to have their own thoughts .

    A bird flew from a distance , Turn the corner , Down the street , Carrying passers-by and running . A girl in high-heeled sandals flows from one side of the street to the opposite corner of the street , A white car carrying a white shirt boy , Put the two together , Under my window . The girl got into the car , Next , The car went quietly , It seems to be washed away by the current .

    This scene is really common , The strange thing is that my imagination gives it a rhythmic order . And a girl got into the car, such an ordinary scene , It can also convey to us the satisfaction they seem . See a man walking down the street , Go to the breakfast shop downstairs and buy a cup of warm soybean milk , It also seems to ease some tension in the city , I think like this , See the white car turning the corner and leaving in a hurry .

    Then one car after another drove out of the garage , Shoot at the road like a sword , Then groups of people hid in the subway , Like magic , Disappear in an instant . I'm also in Haydn's D Sonata in major , Leave the door happily ~

(PS: I have to admire Woolf's wonderful writing of an ordinary scene in London !)

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