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Your smile is like watermelon, the taste of the spoon in the middle.

2021-08-31 20:26:39 Photography

What are the more gentle copywriters ?

A light

1、 The sea of people don't live up to the meeting .

2、 The wind and moon are romantic , Not to mention you .

3、 Will always be moved by tenderness .

4、 I'm glad to like such a beautiful person as you .

5、 I like you infinitely in the period of my heart .

6、 I want to talk to those who respond .

May all your wishes come true

7、 People who love you will make you a better person .

8、 As long as the next day can be expected , Today is a happy day .

9、 It's up to you , It's up to people to discredit , Gain or loss .

10、 The tenderness of this life, remember to leave a copy for your parents .

11、 Say and do this word , Romantic and down-to-earth .

No worries

12、 Live a good life , Share the good news next time .

13、 Your gender should not limit what you like .

14、 The world is full of differences , So learn to respect others .

In peace

15、 Your smile is like watermelon , The taste of the middle spoon .

16、 Don't repeat the song , I will always be by your side .

17、 Secretly exchange a kiss day and night , The kiss mark is called the moon .

18、 Encounter bad things , Discretionary treatment , Proper filtration .

19、 We all shine , You don't have to blow out other people's lights .

20、 Along the lovely tram , No entry except in spring .

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