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                        About beauty

                                                      Zhu Jun

      Faust forgot the devil's advice , I can't help saying to nature “ It's beautiful ”, Then he died , Heaven and earth left him no chance !

      Man is an animal that pursues beauty , This is the only one in the animal kingdom , Because of this , Wise men defeat Neanderthals , Throughout today's world , Because he wants everyone to be happy , People need to exchange and enjoy , This can form an organization , And the power of organization is infinite .

      Beauty has beauty 、 Magnificent and beautiful ,

      And delicious 、 Gorgeous and soft, etc , And human eyes are the only , It is absolutely everyone who can hold a variety of beauty at the same time , Very few , Ordinary people can only choose one or two , I'm talking about the aesthetics of art , This is a little similar to appreciating poetry .

      Li Bai's poems are magnificent , So it is called Shixian , Bai Juyi's poems are ethereal , So it is called Shifo , Li He's poems are strange and magnificent , He called poetry ghost , Du Fu's poems are exquisite 、 Euphemism and empathy , The Chinese respect him as a poet .       

      There is beauty everywhere in life , Beauty makes people magnificent , It's magnificent, and the sky is full of clouds 、 imbued with a spirit that can conquer mountains and rivers , Beauty makes positive downward and upward 、 Pride and delicacy make people actively love , Full of fun , Beautiful winding paths lead to seclusion , It's graceful , Of course , And sad beauty , Xi Shi 、 The beauty of Lin Daiyu .

      Although many people pursue this beauty, they often distort people's normal temperament, such as poetic ghost Li He , He often goes out by donkey in the morning , In case of feeling, I immediately pick it up and throw it in the bag ,“ Autumn tomb ghosts sing Bao's poems , Hate blood for thousands of years, green in the soil ” It was in that situation , also “ I'm obsessed and can't move , When a rooster sings, the world will be white ” It has become a famous sentence through the ages , Even Chairman Mao's poems are quoted .

      Haizi , Haizi, who has read in Peking University , At the age of 25, he committed suicide by lying on the rail at three customs near Beijing , Yu Xiuhua said , Haizi's new poetry almost plundered all the cream of modern poetry , Let all the poets today have no food , He has done his best , Just pity his white haired old mother , White hair to black hair , The miserable scenery makes people choke 、 touching .

      People are The only animal of all animals that will commit suicide , Because he is rational , His reason is great , And sometimes reason can't resist the temptation of beauty .

      Art is the most bewitching thing , So that Haizi finally fell in love with it , In his last poem, he wrote “ From tomorrow , Be an ordinary person , Split the wood 、 Feed the horse 、 Travel around the world , From tomorrow , Be a happy person ,……”, It's a pity that he ruined his tomorrow , If nothing else , In poetry alone, it is a great loss , or , We will certainly read more, better and more beautiful poems !

      Li He, Li Changji's death , He doesn't walk well , Historical records , He died at the age of 27 “ The residual lamp is flameless ”, Let future generations “ Don't have love 、 Dark hatred is boundless ”.

      skill that knows no limit , But there are ways , If not through the three realms mentioned by Wang Guowei ( Cut thin for Iraq 、 Alone on tall buildings 、 That person but in ), It is difficult for his art to be true, good and Holy , If anyone who is determined to engage in art does not have a broad mind , Special veranda , It's hard to enjoy the glory of art , How many people can enjoy the happiness of Qi Baishi, a great painter ?

        Liu Qing said “ Although the road of life is long , But there are only a few critical steps , Especially when people are young ”.

        When people are young , Body and spirit are not in proportion , The body is tangible but the spirit is not yet formed , Not enough to control the spiritual flash 、 Long and boundless , At this time, we have to go step by step , Follow the path of predecessors , Not to mention “ endeavour ” Because the mountain road is winding 、 dangerous .

    Because people , It's easy to beat others , It's hard to control yourself , Or I won't say “ The conqueror is strong , Since the winner is strong ”.

      Only those who defeat themselves , To walk in this world , Whatever you want to do in the future !

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