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Nameless and carefree

2021-08-31 20:28:24 Life journey

People only know that fame and status is a kind of happiness , I don't know that happiness without fame and status is the real happiness ;

People only know that it's sad to have insufficient food and clothing , As everyone knows, those who do not suffer from hunger and cold suffer more from spiritual emptiness and sorrow .

one day , Chuang Tzu is fishing by Pu water , The king of Chu sent two ministers to pay tribute first . The two ministers came to the water , Said to Chuang Tzu's back :“ The king of Chu is willing to entrust domestic political affairs to you and tired you .” What they mean is , The king of Chu wants to invite Chuang Tzu to be the Minister of the state of Chu .

Chuang Tzu said without turning back the head of the fishing rod :“ I heard that the king of Chu had a turtle , It's been three thousand years , But the king of Chu packed it in a bamboo box , Cover it with good cloth , Treasure it in the ancestral temple , Keep it in the ground . You guess this turtle , Would rather die to show dignity in order to leave bones , Or would you rather live and drag your tail in the mud ?”

The two ministers looked at each other and said :“ For a turtle , I should prefer to drag my tail in the mud , Swim around .”

Chuang-tzu said :“ In that case, you can go , I'd rather live in the mud with my tail like him .”

Chuang Tzu once said :“ Famous person , In fact, its guests also , I will be a guest ?” It means called bin , It's secondary , Reality is the main .

Fame and wealth seem real , In fact, it is illusory . Nobody seems to have nothing , In fact, it is a real possession .

So when called up to be an official , Chuang Tzu said he would rather shake his tail , Live a poor but free life .

In the eyes of many wise men , Fame is nothing but a vain thing , Only carefree real life is precious .

We are human beings , Know how to live in peace and contentment , Look at fame and wealth with a indifferent heart , So we can be objective 、 External origin 、 Family background 、 Money 、 Life and death 、 Appearance, etc , They all look weak , Only in this way can we reach a free and easy state .

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