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Morning run

2021-08-31 20:35:48 Photography

This kind of day , It's hard to tell whether it's cloudy or sunny .

Or the sun goes into the clouds , As heavy as lead .

The cool wind rises , Suddenly shocked , The rain kicked off .

Or light and strong , modest ,

The water is cool , On this day .

Or the sky is clear , Clear and cloudless ,

It's very hot in the afternoon , It's cool in the evening .

Or it may not be strong , There is no cloud ,

There is no sudden wind , The rain is silent .

But this morning , The morning when the sun just appeared , It's beautiful anyway .

The outline of the building is silent ,

Water in the river ,

There are magnificent clouds in the East ,

The green plants on the shore are dark .

running , It also becomes enjoyment .

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