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I have read 30 books recently. I strongly recommend this one

2021-08-31 20:37:24 Life journey

I recently saw 30 Many books , In all dry goods books , I strongly recommend that this book be in dry stock , There's a story 、 Be inspirational 、 Have an opinion , An enlightening book , That's what Li Xiaolai 《 The road to wealth and freedom 》.

The book has a striking red cover , There are more attractive topics 《 The road to wealth and freedom 》, In fact, this book also contains the author's own process and experience of realizing wealth freedom .

The book is divided into 52 An article , Each article is worth reading over and over again , There is a lot of content information , Strong knowledge density . There are many new nouns and concepts , You need to look at digestion again .

About the author Li Xiaolai , He once worked in New Oriental 7 English teacher , Known as the “ China's richest bitcoin ”, Angel investor , Get the columnist , Well known we media V, Published 《 Make time your friend 》《 Seven years is a lifetime 》 Waiting for many bestsellers , He advocates logic , Pursue deep thinking .

About wealth and freedom , The book says that passive income can meet your survival needs , That is, you don't need to sell time to solve your survival problems , Then you are wealth and freedom .

Teacher Li Xiaolai is writing 《 Make time your friend 》 as well as 《TOEFL The core words 21 Day break 》 Several English books , All realized , Because these books satisfy what users think “ Just need to ”, Market sales continued to be very good , It's called “ Long term sales book ”.

Therefore, he himself has a high royalty passive income .2011 Year begins , He invested bitcoin again . When others don't understand what bitcoin is , He hoards a lot at a low price , Finally, it rose one or two thousand times , Li Xiaolai once again realized the great leap in assets , Become “ China's richest bitcoin ”.

Passive income , Such as teacher Li Xiaolai writing a Book , A time investment , Produce N Share income , Can keep him lying down . Others charge rent , Some investment and financial management , Collect interest , Selling copyright, etc , These are passive income .

There are three common personal business models

1. One time for sale .

2. A time to sell many times ( Improve personal value Increase the selling price per unit time ).

3. Buy someone else's time and then sell ( Start a business ).

There are many people around us who sell once a time , Such as takeout , taxi driver 、 Courier 、 Factory or site workers, etc .

These occupations , What they do today has nothing to do with what they did yesterday , There is no cumulative effect . If it's design , Drawing a picture , writing , Creative work such as photography , It has a time accumulation effect , That is, the work you do this year and next year will not be wasted , As long as you don't give up the business .

If you're a startup boss , They are buying wholesale, others' time, making profits for themselves . Like some big we media platforms now , They are using the user's time , The author's creative content is profitable for himself .

from 《 The road to wealth and freedom 》 It can be seen that Li Xiaolai's success is due to his family and his own learning , Study hard , luck , Wisdom and other comprehensive factors .

His parents were excellent people at that time , Mother is the director of the city library , My father is the founder of the Foreign Language Department of their local city hospital . Teacher Li Xiaolai is here 12 He won the first prize in the children's palace programming competition at the age of .

He is 72 Man of the year ,12 You can touch computers at the age of , Learn programming related knowledge , It can be seen that he has a much higher starting point than many of his peers . Of course, it is inseparable from his continuous learning the day after tomorrow , With strong action force and foresight , And the ability to seize opportunities .

His seven years of joining New Oriental is also an important milestone for him , The famous teachers of New Oriental have high annual salary and brand endorsement , He is still writing books besides his lectures , Blogging , Microblogging .2015 Official account , It paves the way for his later development .2016 year , He was in “ obtain ” Opened 《 Wealth freedom column 》 Is the best seller of knowledge in the country , Column text reaches a word value 2000 element .

This is his book 《 The road to wealth and freedom 》 There are more dry goods in the book , The more attractive reason is that he himself has realized wealth and freedom early , Users want to find example power from him , Hope to get the secret of wealth in his words .

Li Xiaolai stressed that everyone must have their own independent thinking ability . Some things can be copied , And some things can't be copied , Each of us has different opportunities , Everyone has different capital capacity .

The following picture appears many times in the book , It makes people feel very much . Most of us are on the cost line , It is difficult to make a big breakthrough and grow , Just trying to meet food and clothing needs , Once it breaks through the cost line, it will usher in a period of sharp rise .

All meaningful growth is a compound interest curve . Growth is a compound interest growth curve , Early growth is very slow . When you accumulate , After crossing the cost line , It is possible to usher in a qualitative leap .

It's like our writing industry , Many people have no obvious achievements in the first one or two years , But there is likely to be explosive growth later , Because it has compound interest effect . Einstein said such a sentence : Compound interest is “ The world is 8、 ... and A miracle ”, Those who know earn , Those who don't know are made .

Take me personally , I used to be a shop assistant , Worked as a factory worker , These are jobs without any accumulation , The second year was at most higher than the first year 10%, Sometimes not , It's hard to make a big breakthrough in such work , Have been struggling on the food and clothing line , That's the cost line , Difficult to rise to the curve .

In recent years , I publish more than ten we media platforms by writing an article , By publishing a Book , Pay for knowledge , The recorded courses are on the Internet , I'll get N A profit , Even if I'm resting , Every book I sell on the market , I have a share of the income , This does not include the premium brought by personal brand influence .

Compared to the way I used to work , Since writing , I virtually upgraded my business model . There is “ Compound interest ” The role of , That's what teacher Li Xiaolai said about a time sold N Share , Maximize personal value .

Metacognition is also mentioned in this book , The so-called metacognition is the cognition of cognition . A person's future has a lot to do with his metacognition .

Metacognitive ability can be acquired , By reading a lot of books , Improve through thinking , Learn by getting closer to someone better than yourself .

Stop complaining 、 Improve mobility 、 Lifelong growth 、 Learn to learn to learn , Upgrade your mental operating system . Protect your attention , Don't be consumed casually , This is more important than money . There must be more “ Living in the future ” Ideas .

“ Most people overestimate themselves 1 Things done in a year , Also underestimated himself 10 What can be done within the year , Don't be too eager for quick success , Just stick to it 、 insist , Stick to it again 、 Because time can see . ”

If there is no way of thinking to live in the future , Just look at the immediate benefits , Then the rising space in the later stage is very limited .

Most people in life live a muddle along life , Stopped learning and exploring , Didn't optimize their business model . How to use time in the best way , money 、 Method 、 Ability and cooperation with others to achieve the best results , This is to optimize yourself .

Such an oracle is engraved on the lintel of the Delphi temple in ancient Greece ——“ Man ! Know yourself .”

Life is nothing more than “ In the past 、 Now? 、 future ” Three parts , The most important thing is to find out your “ future ”. and “ future ” This thing is outside our basic perception . In fact, we should determine the development direction of our industry , Have a long-term spirit .

Learning is actually an investment in yourself , All investment activities are the same , Have a long-term investment spirit , That's the most reliable strategy .

Li Xiaolai is here 2011 Began to buy bitcoin in , In the middle years, it has risen thousands of times , Have you ever been beheaded again , But he still hasn't sold , He is obsessed with it and looks at it confidently .

When the opportunity is in front of you , Many people don't know it's an opportunity , It can only be said that Li Xiaolai has the ability and wisdom to stand behind the capital , He was in 10 It was easy to invest more than 100000 dollars a year ago , It doesn't affect his personal quality of life . It's hard for people who borrow money to invest to benefit , Because the state of mind can't be stable .

Each of us yearns for wealth and freedom , Behind wealth and freedom , What is the most essential thing ? At the end of the day , Each of us wants freedom , The most fundamental thing is not wealth , Wealth is just a tool , And we want freedom , It is essentially the autonomy of time , It's self-control pleasure .

“ free ” That's what each of us just need .

Let's be friends of time , Early realization of wealth freedom .

The first 6 The first session begins , You can listen back at any time , Read classics together , Study in class , Comment exchange , Simple delivery , A group of people are more passionate , go further .

Juhui : Qi fan Qi Di 6 I'm going to write a special training camp

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