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2021-08-31 20:39:09 Life journey

Ferry   mouth

Yang Yunhan

June 4th, 1990

A drought resistance caused by artificial rainfall

Many families on both sides of chaxi

The transition starts from zero

One day in 1997

An unexpected car accident

Let me cultivate for four years

It also kept me

A lifetime of regret

On the fourth day of June 1999

Father died

No longer care about... For the first time

His     Loving wife and children and grandchildren

Let me lose my dependence

Also let me from now on

Understand what responsibility is

What is responsibility

Learned to be persistent and strong

In 2005, I met by chance

Accepted the pure and selfless

Spiritual baptism

With pious awe

Bring happiness and well-being into

thousands of households

Reflects the true truth 、 good 、 beautiful

Now I don't doubt the years

Looking back on each ferry

Five available

Mirror Bodhi is empty

In the misty dust

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