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"Essays" everything is natural

2021-08-31 20:45:21 Life journey

Some time ago , Sat down with a former colleague and friend . Former colleagues , Always good friends .

It was supposed to be three , Have a drink , Later, a leader informed me , There are urgent business needs to work overtime , Can 't come , The remaining two have abnormal blood pressure, blood glucose and blood lipid , Hit it off , The wine is changed into water .

Two people drink water , The main job is to chat , I asked Jin'an , More about the personnel of that year . Jump out of three boundaries , Not in the five elements , A lot of personnel , It's no longer a matter . A lot of inexplicable things , What I don't understand , Tangled things , All have the answer in the joke .

After you come back , Just those things , Think a lot more .

In the world , There is no love for no reason , There is no hatred for no reason , Everything , There is some inevitable causality . Inexplicable and suddenly bright , It's a layer of paper , A lot of people , got it , I see .

A lot of things , You think it's a big thing , In someone else's place , It's just trivial things , Put yourself in other people's shoes , It's really not a big deal , But for you , It's still a big thing .

Nothing is absolutely good or bad , There is no absolute fairness and justice , What's more, the position and situation are different . Some things , For you , Not necessarily how .

Time is the best tranquilizer , Times have changed , white clouds change into grey dogs , Time brings great changes to the world , The tangled things in those days , The man who was ordered by Yiqi , Now look , Just some drifting clouds .

Look back at the road , Keep calm and calm , Don't lose your nature , Perhaps it is the most worthy and regretless thing .

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