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What a painful understanding

2021-08-31 20:51:39 Photography

1. How strong a person should be , To get through all this .

2. Treat everyone with your heart , But I don't know that I have become a joke in other people's eyes .

3. Didn't you say that the worst comes ? Doesn't it mean that any state can't last long ? But why has the bad state lasted so long and hasn't improved yet ?

4. No one in the world can really empathize with yourself , Even the family who loves you most , I can't empathize with you .

5. The most unbearable thing is not the eyes of others , It's the way your family looks at you and dislikes you .

6. Arrogant self-esteem is constantly ravaged , Full of ambition is difficult to practice , Pain in the heart , Who can understand .

7. You know, no one can help you , Only you can help yourself out of this dilemma .

8. Now I can't compare with anyone , No one can match , But you who have experienced these things , The future will be better than them .

9. How many people are watching your jokes , How many people are complacent behind you , How many people think your life is like this , How many people do it face to face and behind . But , Are you willing to ? Those who laugh at you , Eventually they won't laugh .

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