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On sex 2

2021-08-31 20:51:43 Photography

Semen is probably unclean , Like urine and shit . unfortunately , Excrement can have nutritional value , As fertilizer , Dogs eat it too . Urine can not only be drunk, but also disinfect . Semen is said to be of great use , Dressing your face can beautify , Swallowing raw can strengthen Yang . It is said that Wu Song lost his essence and had to swallow it back to avoid losing it . Women's menstruation can ward off evil spirits , Why can you ward off evil spirits ? It's because of filth . Women don't know that their menstruation can have this miraculous effect .

It seems that these things are not necessarily unclean , And all have their use value . The unclean is often in people's minds . When can people see , Then you can be detached from the control of foreign things and be free . These traditional ills !

Maybe the third grade film is also unclean , But people still have to see . After reading it, I have to make some feelings . Clean or unclean ? I don't think you need to bother . Because the third level film itself is not clean or unclean , And there is a great distinction between clean and unclean people . Level 3 movies are always there , For young and old . But people's hearts are always different . Still distinguishing it . So it's a matter of different opinions , Let's interpret the truth of the world .

But let's talk about the disadvantages of three-level films . What's wrong with it ? Bad is bad , You say it's dirty , But someone always wants to see . After reading it, I regret , What do I think of the unclean ? So it broke . The worse, the better , It's even worse . If you allow him to see , And give correct guidance , Maybe it's not that bad ? He always wants to see , But I don't necessarily think it's immoral , Just a need . Neither bring nor take , It doesn't constitute a psychological burden at all . All human burdens are artificially added , Of course there is no . Can you see what burden the lion has ? Eat and drink , When it's time to mate , When it's time to bask in the sun .

The so-called virtue and immorality , Should or should not , Clean and unclean , It's all human , Especially some Chinese people's mental illness . In the future liberated mankind , I can't keep them .

If you really don't have sex, don't kiss, don't this and that , Then you don't have to love, you don't have to get married . actually , This concept has led to many singles . They are too reserved , As a result, I can't make friends with the opposite sex , Endure loneliness for a long time . Although there are economic reasons , But I think the main thing is itself .

Once normal love is deprived , It's like depriving nature . Nature is inalienable , Then the repressed nature must become the product of distortion . This is the case with otaku in Japan . Most of them are not interested in real women , Or turn lust to the second dimension .

If a person is too “ Chastity ”, I'm afraid I'll miss a lot of what I could have got . This life inevitably becomes a pity . It's really pathetic and closed .

Yes “ Sexual love ” Even fear , Produce rejection . Cause a strange and lonely look , I often see among some intellectuals , Without exclamation , Chinese morality !

We want to love ! We need sex ! We're going to fucking liberate ! Whether it's a man or a woman !

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