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Not for whom, for whom

2021-08-31 20:52:47 Literary frequency modulation

Flowers at the entrance of the alley Never for anyone

Rosy clouds outside the window Imagine a midsummer

Yellow leaves all over the sky Just to decorate a cup of autumn tea

It's cold in winter The gate that cannot freeze the heart

The starry night is silent Angels paint in the sky

Take my hand We draw a world together

Stroll through the night view of Versailles

Walk through Times Square

The feeling of traveling around the world

You and I go together

Norwegian forests

Wait for dawn

An ode to St. Petersburg

Awaken the mind

Don't be afraid Stop praying

Leave a little innocence for guidance

There will be you tomorrow

The best believe

Flowers at the entrance of the alley Never for anyone

A window seat For whom

Not for whom, for whom

Self evident love

Pull your hands so tight

Unintentionally deliberately

Careless attention

Not for whom, for whom

Do you really understand

For whom to guard the night

Don't wait for the dawn

One day The sky is clear

You don't have to hide in your heart

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