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Boy, you're really beautiful

2021-08-31 21:07:58 Life journey

          Students are like growing trees , Need sunshine , Moisture of rain and dew , In their hearts , The teacher's appreciation and praise are like sunshine 、 Rain and dew are equally important . Every student wants the teacher's attention , Get the teacher's appreciation , They all care about the teacher's evaluation of him . For a student , You can praise him for his hard work , Praise him for his excellent grades , Praise him for his love of labor , Praise him for respecting the old and loving the young and so on , It will make him very excited and proud , however , If in the teacher's mind , He is not beautiful , This is undoubtedly a huge blow , Even better than not studying hard 、 The blow of falling behind is even greater , Especially girls .

          Let's talk about this girl , It's called Xiaoxue .

        In moral class , The learning content is “ I know myself better ”, There is a part of self presentation . After a little preparation , Take turns to introduce . It's Xiaoxue's turn , This is a very clever girl , Not tall , Thin , White , Eyes are not big , A natural curly hair . She stepped onto the stage , First of all, there are five people in my family , Dad 、 Mom 、 brother 、 Sister in law , And her , Then I began to introduce my brother and sister-in-law's new house …… I quickly pulled her back , Remind her to focus on herself , And suggested that she could talk about her curly hair . She was finally pulled to the road of self introduction by me , But he said , She stood on the platform and cried , I can't go on . I was surprised and asked her why she was crying , She sobbed , Shut up . I think , She must have introduced her brother's new house with great interest just now, but I stopped her , I'm not happy . It's too fragile , This little thing makes me cry ! I frowned , say :“ Light snow , Why are you crying ? Did the teacher find you wrong , Shouldn't I remind you ? Should you be allowed to go wrong ?” She continued to sob , say :“ No, it isn't , teacher , I think my curly hair is too ugly .”

        ha-ha , It was for this . The child , What's worth crying about with curly hair ? I pretended to be surprised , say :“ ah , It's ugly ? The classmates , Don't you think the self roll looks good ?” Everyone said again and again that it was good-looking . I deliberately breathed a sigh of relief , say :“ You scared me , I'm going to have my hair curled this weekend . Actually , I admire Xiaoxue's curly hair , So beautiful , You don't have to pay .” The students all laughed . Take a look at the snow , She seems to have listened to me , Stopped sobbing . next , I asked my nearest classmate Miao :“ Do you envy Xiaoxue's curly hair ?” She gave an exaggerated nod of her head , Very loud “ Um. ” There was a sound . I deliberately said with regret :“ But , It's no use admiring , Because pupils can't have a perm .” I turned to light snow :“ You see , What you think are the shortcomings , Others envy it .” Light snow showed a shallow smile .

      It will be the weekend soon . At noon, , Look in the mirror , I hesitated for a moment , Decided to get a perm right away .

      At night, my husband goes home , Asked in surprise :“ A perm ? Why didn't I listen to you ?” I said with a smile :“ I didn't tell you , Told the students , So it must be hot .”

        Enter the campus on Monday , The first time Miao saw me , Exclaimed :“ wow , The teacher really had a perm .” Let's Hula around , Stare at my hair , Excited , there were many discussions . I took a look at light snow , She is smiling . I asked with a smile :“ Good-looking? , Light snow ?” Everyone said with one voice :“ good-looking !” That sound is very loud , Louder than every time I read . The light snow at this time , With a red face , A bright smile .

        Sukhomlinsky said :“ The teacher inadvertently said , May make a genius , Or destroy a genius .” For students' thoughts 、 words and deeds 、 achievement , You can't easily deny , Let alone deliberately ridicule , From the perspective of appreciation , Appreciate all aspects of students , Even those that ordinary people seem unworthy of mentioning or dismissing . Appreciation of students' appearance , For children , It's also very important , So don't be stingy , At the right time , Say to them kindly :“ children , You are really beautiful .”


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