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2021-08-31 21:22:13 Photography

today ,2021.08.26, Moderate rain .

Early in the morning 6 I'm still asleep , Got a call from dad , I said I bought it 10 Let me bring you a kilogram of local pork by the way .

I just remembered that my brother's family of three will come to Chengdu today !

It's rare for my brother to come to Chengdu , I'm so happy !

This time my brother drove over , Mainly to send my nephew to Chengdu for College , My nephew studied at Chengdu University ,9 month 4~5 School begins on , But niece 30 School starts on the th , I sent my nephew in advance ,29 I have to go back to Chongqing on the th .

Although I can only stay in Chengdu for a few days , I'm still happy .

After all , Because of the epidemic and other reasons , We haven't seen each other for years .

I'm ashamed , Liangbao has been in junior high school for several years , I haven't been back to my hometown once , I remember the last time was 2018 I went back to my hometown Quxian in .

If it weren't for looking through the photos , The memory is almost blurred .

2010 Return to Quxian county to take photos of wild geese

2010 In the early morning of the year, I took pictures of the beautiful scenery of my hometown with the curtains

This bridge is a dream in memory

2012 Go home in , There is a little black dog guarding the fish pond at home

2013 Take photos in front of the window ~ Big and small fish ponds

Dad's little fish pond

Mother's goose

Autumn harvest ~ scarecrow

Mother's chicken

Parents' sheep ~ New year's feast

The bees in the house flew out

Mother's big white gourd

The pear tree planted by Dad bears pears ~ sweet

Delicious grapefruit is also the result of parents' labor

We set off fireworks at home during the new year ~ Addiction

Home cottage

2018 With the beat ~ Quxian County

2018 With the beat ~ It's almost home

2018 With the beat ~ The smell of fireworks in the new year

2018 With the beat ~ Dad's big and small fish ponds

2018 With the beat

2018 With the beat

Some time ago , Super heavy rain in my hometown , The big and small fish ponds are full , Listen to Dad, I ran a lot of fish .

Dad said this morning , Meat is cheap this year , Fish expensive !

These old photos , The most recent ones were a few years ago , I don't know today's fish pond , Today's hometown , Has it changed ?

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