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A point of praise, a comment, so affect my mood

2021-08-31 21:22:15 Life journey

2019 year 8 The month comes to Jianshu , It has been two years now . I've been writing with my heart , But the amount of reading is pitifully small , Comments and likes are very few . I gave up , But recently picked up , Wrote a few articles , Still the same . In fact, my level is really limited , Maybe I'm too eager for quick success and instant benefit .

I posted an article this morning 《 So husband and wife 》, I don't want a friend to praise me right away 、 Comment on , Happy as a child , dance with joy . The baby at home asked me , Why are you so happy that you move it manually , I said, , Because a friend praised me ! He said :“ Po , I'll give you some praise, too .”

This morning , I picked up my cell phone many times , Stop reading wechat , No more QQ, Even at this moment, I remember that I haven't clocked in healthily , I'm just doing one thing , Jane, open the book , See the comments , Look good , Read Jian you's article , give the thumbs-up , Comment on …… It's not you who come and I go , I just want to bring happiness to others , Bring confidence !

Thank you for the compliment 、 Commenting friends , Thank you for bringing me happiness ! I never thought about it myself , A little like , A comment , Will affect my mood so much .

A gift of rose , Fragrance in hand . In the life , Let's also pay more attention to , More praise , Happy others , Also pleased himself .

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