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Like husband and wife (2)

2021-08-31 21:22:18 Life journey

The couple will also write .

This is a two married family . The husband is tall and handsome , Unit unknown . The wife is thin and small , I'm a primary school teacher , The former husband died of illness , Have a daughter , After reorganizing the family, she gave birth to a son . When I met them , My daughter lives in high school , My son goes to primary school .

Over the weekend , Wife likes playing mahjong .

There is a , Playing mahjong , The husband is back , I opened the door and saw four people sitting around playing mahjong , His face sank immediately , Say in a huff :“ Mahjong mahjong , Nothing serious .” The wife smiled , say :“ Right away .” The husband turned and went into the kitchen , Take a thermos , Remove the cork , Tilt the bottle , Fall from your wife's head . Wife “ Oh dear ” Stand up ,“ It's so hot !” Everyone was stunned , Get out of here . Fortunately, the water is not too hot , Later, needless to say, it was a fierce quarrel .

But life goes on as usual , Until a few years later , His wife died of liver cancer .

When the other person's shortcomings are unbearable in your eyes , As husband or wife , What the hell would you do ? It's connivance , Is to endure , Or a big fight ?

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