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Stealing in the rain

2021-08-31 21:22:22 Life journey

      The old lady is 87 years old , My eyes are dazzled , I'm deaf , The teeth also fell out , In addition to these , The body is still strong . Opened a piece of land not far from home , Plant some radishes 、 Chinese cabbage 、 cucumber 、 Tomatoes or something , When the harvest comes , son 、 daughter 、 Granddaughter 、 Grandson sent... Door to door . Everyone took the fruits she planted , The old lady felt very happy , Special satisfaction . however , There are often few fruits in the garden , Tomatoes have to be picked before they are red , Said that when it became red, it would not be ours , Said the corn cob was missing at least one sack .

    suffer “ The fireworks ” influence , It's windy and rainy these days . This is the weather , A woman in her fifties secretly came to the old lady's vegetable garden to steal green onions . Rainy days are boring , The old lady's niece and daughter-in-law stood by the window looking at the scenery , Inadvertently saw this scene , For fear of making a mistake , And came down in the rain to check , It was found that the scene of the crime was the old lady's vegetable garden . So I called quickly ! The old lady learned about it , Rush to the vegetable garden in the rain , The woman has left . The old lady looked for clues , Or mud print or scallion leaf peel , All the way to her house , She found that the green onions were stripped clean by her , Ready to sell the next day . The old lady angrily scolded , The woman knelt down and begged not to speak loudly , Lest the neighbors hear . The old lady said , You honestly replant the green onions for me . She went to the garden again and planted the stolen green onions .

      Such bad weather ……

    No matter how old the old lady is , If the family is short of a green onion , There's nothing wrong with pulling out a few and eating them , Can understand , But I pulled out a big bundle , That's going to sell . Such behavior is too bad !

    Today, I found that I stole onions , I can't help thinking , cucumber 、 tomatoes 、 corn …… Who stole it ?

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