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Something I haven't done for a long time

2021-08-31 21:22:24 Life journey

  Last night, , Get off the train , Get on your bike , Running around the streets of the county .

The evening wind is blowing in the face , A little cool . There are not many pedestrians on the road , Think fast , Step on it a few times ; Tired , Let it slide , Speed is in your own hands , I feel very comfortable . After a while , It's already warm all over . The wind blew on the tip of my hair , Under the ambiguous neon light , The whole person is refreshed . Suddenly I feel like I'm back in my youth , Those days of commuting by bike , Crying and laughing in those days , That high spirited era ……

Ride a bike you haven't ridden for years , Actually found youth .

The next day , Talk to friends about your feelings , I didn't expect her to feel the same . She said , When she rode her bike around the university campus , It feels wonderful , It seems that I am in the prime of my life ……

In my spare time , Or in his busy schedule , Let's make time , Do something you haven't done for a long time , That feeling is wonderful ……

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