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2021-08-31 21:22:49 Life journey

Sometimes I feel that my second brother is unfamiliar with me .

We don't often contact , Unless you have to contact ; We seldom meet , Unless it's a gift or something . Once wanted to go to his house , Look at his granddaughter , By the way, look at my second brother , Call and ask , replied , The granddaughter is not at home , No more topics , therefore , There seems to be no reason to go . That's it , I always feel that my second brother and I are getting farther and farther away , It seems that family affection has been weak , Sometimes there are some regrets .

At noon today , Suddenly I got a call from my second brother , See his name on the phone , There was a burst of tension in my heart , I don't know if something happened . put sb. through to , The second brother asked me , Why didn't you give a gift today ? Thought you'd see me today . I said, , Today, the whole region's Chinese teacher training . He asked : I didn't see Xiaoxiao ? Xiaoxiao is my daughter's nickname . I told him , Xiaoxiao went to work , don't have time , The gift money was taken . He seemed relieved , say :“ ok . I don't think you and Xiaoxiao came , I thought you had a conflict . It's all right ?” I said, :“ No, , Just busy .” He said :“ No, just . I drove , Go ahead with what you are doing .” Then the phone hung up .

Drop the phone , I can't calm down for a long time . Always feeling , The relationship between my second brother and me is becoming increasingly estranged , It was only today that , Blood relatives , Even if you don't contact often , Not often , Doesn't mean there's no love , No worries . affection , In fact, it has been , It's just , Some people , His love is beyond words ; Some people , His concern is buried in his heart . Do you often contact , It's not the standard to judge whether there is love in your heart .

Think of my mother's phone .

On the way to work , I often get calls from my mother , The first sentence is nothing more than :“ Obedient , Have you reached home? ?” Or is it :“ Obedient , have you had dinner ?” When I told her she wasn't home and was still on the way , Mother always sighs again :“ I'm good , Suffered , Not home yet .” Drop the phone , I feel sad , Want to cry . Really? , I'm so old , Except for the mother , No one hurts me like this ? So many years , In front of my mother , I can freely reveal my willfulness , Lose one's temper at will , Speak loudly and easily , And my mother has never left , No regrets . Mother hurts me so much , It makes me afraid to tell her something on my mind , Just reveal a little , She doesn't think about food and tea 、 It's hard to sleep at night ……

3 month 6 It's my birthday . Early in the morning , Got a call from my mother :“ Good boy , Today is your birthday .” I reply :“ Oh , Aware of .” Mother went on :“ Have you finished the steamed stuffed bun ? Call me after dinner , I'll make you a tofu roll .” I reply :“ well , got it .” Hang up , Suddenly realized , This is the tenderest time I ever talked to my mother on the phone , Simply use it “ gentle ” That's the word . Usually as long as she says to make me something to eat , I'm in a hurry , Even rudely refused her . In fact, my refusal just doesn't want my elderly mother to work for me . Mother is really old , I feel the dough can't move , Sometimes the alkali doesn't mix well , But I always make cakes for me . I can't bear it , She has to insist , Sometimes she even begged me to promise her to do this and that for me ……

Think of your nephew's phone .

Valentine's day the year before last , Sigh in the circle of friends, full of happiness , Love is everywhere , I was also sentimental once , A circle of friends : There is nowhere to go . As a result, when we were in a meeting , My nephew called from Tianjin , ask :“ gu , What's up? ?” I wonder , He replied :“ It's nothing , There was a meeting .” I was catching a cold , His voice is hoarse , Plus meetings , You have to keep your voice down . The nephew asked again :“ Are you okay? , Why is there nowhere to go ?” I listened to my nephew , A warm current came to my heart , The corners of my eyes are wet . original , I am also concerned about , Someone loves you .

Think of the text just taught 《 Love is like jasmine 》, When a daughter asks her mother what love is , Mother replied :“ Love is like jasmine .” It means that love is as plain as jasmine, but flawless , The fragrance is pleasant . I think love is like grass , Small as it is , Although ordinary , Although not earth shaking , But it can be seen everywhere , Green , Give people hope , Give life a chance , It depends on whether we feel it with our heart .

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