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On father and baby

2021-08-31 21:22:56 Life journey

Today I'm going to attend the Chinese textbook training organized by the district teaching and Research Office , Grandpa wa went to give a gift , Baby's mother is at work , In the morning, my father takes my baby .

Just arrived at the meeting and sat down . Received the picture sent by dad in the group , Baby fell asleep in her arms . Dad has a great sense of achievement , say , I want to keep a low profile , But strength is not allowed ! Also sent a “ Leave me alone ” The expression of .

It won't be long , Dad sent another message , Say the child is not honest at all , Although asleep , But put it down and wake up . At more than eleven in the morning , also “ Whine ”—— I am tired , Can't put it down at all .

At noon, , Mom and grandma are home . by the way , I'm the grandmother . Dad continued to complain , Said he was tired to death , No more , Bring it when you can play . I smiled. , say , How to grow up without ? Mother said , You still carry too little . Dad continued to complain , Said it was the first time he had taken so long alone . I said, , Mother also brought her baby for the first time .

It's not easy to know that Dad took her for a long time for the first time , I know my father is still a baby , But it's my first time to be a mother , And four months at home ? She has completely forgotten that she is also a baby .

Since the ancient times , It seems that taking children is all about mothers , But many fathers can't see their mother's pay , I often think it's natural for my mother to take my baby 、 Isn't worth mentioning , You can't be tired , You can't complain . Mother-in-law obviously came from their mother , But the identity changed , Forget the pain and fatigue for my mother , It seems that you have to make yourself tired from the hardships you have suffered , Reappear in the daughter-in-law , To balance .

Of course , Grandma said most of the time , It doesn't mean anything .

I've seen it on the tiktok , Father with baby , The two most common words , One 、 go , Let's go and see what mom did ? Two , Oh , The baby is hungry. , I found my mother to feed .

therefore , Baby is more often a father 、 grandpa 、 Grandpa's toy , It's mom 、 grandma 、 Grandma's responsibility .

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