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2021-08-31 21:23:00 Life journey

I got a call in the morning , He said that the house in his hometown should be measured , Ask them to go there with relevant documents as soon as possible . Get a call like this , I'm really excited , Although I don't know when it will be demolished , After all, there is hope , The burden of life seems to be relieved .

Think of demolition , So I thought of many stories related to demolition . Quarrel over the uneven distribution of demolition funds 、 There are countless people who fight or even break up contact . Let's talk about our own family . Children's grandparents , I asked us what we thought before . Our three brothers and sisters , My wife is the boss . I said, , If the demolition funds are kept for the elderly , I have no problem , Support ; If you want to divide , Brother and sister all have a share . My wife added , First pay back the money you owe . Parents raise laver , Our husband and wife lent him more than 100000 , He also lent him more than 100000 in the bank . Well done , Grandpa and grandma agree . But after the house demolition , All the money , The parents all gave the second , Because Dick said they owed someone money , As for how much he owes , Why do you owe , We don't know . When we know , All the money has gone into the second pocket . Go to them , Let them take out the money , Pay back the money owed by your parents first , At least repay the loan first . The second man only answered us , Money's gone , Give it back . And grandpa has only one word , Your account is not urgent , The second account is urgent . I said, , At least the bank loan has been repaid first . Grandpa said , I want you to carry , Don't you still . So the end result is , Grandparents' house was demolished , We didn't see a penny , Even our daughter —— Grandparents' granddaughters didn't see a penny .

alas , The demolition , Forget it , I just hope our house can be demolished as soon as possible .

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