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Bamboo horse meets green plum

2021-08-31 21:30:17 Life journey

Early in the morning , The ringing of the telephone woke me up from my dream , The voice of the express boy came :“ Hello , Your flowers are at the school gate , You take it !” I was surprised and thought “ When did I order flowers ?……”

I changed my clothes in a hurry , Washed and rinsed , Trot to the school gate . See the order number information , It's really mine ! I took a big bunch of roses from the courier , Surprised and confused ……

All of a sudden , A slender figure came to me with a big black umbrella , It's a little complicated “ This figure seems a little familiar ……” He suddenly took the umbrella off his head , I look up , be stuck dumb by !“ He came back. …… I left without saying goodbye a year ago …… Today's sudden emergence …”

He looked down at me gently and said “ Long time no see …”

I … I … I responded “ good … Long time … Disappear …”

I haven't waited for him to say the next word , I turned and ran away ……

Too complicated mood , All those pictures of the past come to mind , I finally got used to the days and nights without him , Everything that I thought was over , It's like all of them come out under the flood burst , Or the puzzled answer “ Why did it suddenly disappear ? Why did you suddenly come back ……”

Look at the roses , Looking out of the window, I was in a trance ……

Love is heart , Love is mind set !

From short love stories 《 A bamboo horse meets a green plum 》( Original works )

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