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Vlog11 / 100 autumn cool

2021-08-31 21:43:34 Photography

Rain falls on the ground , Can quickly integrate into the ground ;

Harvested rice fields , The water began to accumulate , Occasionally I can see frogs playing in the field ;

Morning sky , Get dark , Less enthusiasm and energy ;

“ love ” The leaves turn yellow and dry , Scattered on the earth , Embellished into a veil of unique colors ;

Reach out and catch the raindrops under the eaves , Have temperature , Fingers feel a burst of cold ;

The rice field at sunset , Everything looks deep 、 Implicitly , Finish the work with a low profile ;

The smell of Platycodon grandiflorum , Especially strong in the morning and evening ;

Short dress 、 Shorts and denim skirts began to sleep in the box ;

Long windbreaker 、 Long dress 、 The coat began to dry on the balcony ;

The night sky , It's not just the stars and the moon , And feel the joy of the insects ;

The moon is getting more and more round , It's getting brighter ;

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