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That winter

2021-08-31 21:48:27 Photography

Snowflakes began to fall one by one , Dangling , large , Later, it became more and more urgent , With the help of the strong wind, it is like a white tornado sweeping all over the country .

The earth is covered with silver .

When the window paper is blown by the wind and snow, it will make some sounds from time to time to show the sense of existence , It reached his ears and turned into a sigh 、 Angry .

Charcoal is burning briskly in the small stove , Make a crackling sound , Some sparks will fly out , The yellow dog lay lazily by the fire , Eyelids drooping , The tail wags occasionally only when it sees its owner .

The only white rice left at home and some wild vegetables that have been dried are simmering on the stove , Make a grunt , The smell of overflow lingered under his nose , He couldn't help taking a deep breath , He swallowed his saliva hard .

Slender white fingers pressed against the protesting stomach , But there is no next action . The next second he couldn't help standing up , Slam open the wooden door , Out of repair “ Creak ” A sound , The wind and snow fascinated his eyes , A piercing chill came , It sobered him up a lot .

He stepped out , The yellow dog shook and wanted to stand up , Stopped by the master's gesture , It's back to what it was just like .

He didn't know how many times he walked to the room , Someone used to cook for him here , Slip him pocket money , Now it's just an empty room , The windows are broken , The wind came in with snowflakes , The only difference between inside and outside is that there is a wall , At a glance , Empty nothing .

White hands are in sharp contrast to the messy environment , These hands used to write down their own world with pen and ink , Now it's just futile to get contaminated with dust .

He knew he shouldn't expect anything , But I can't help raising slim hope , After all, it's just futile .

He tightened his tight clothes covered with pudding , Back to that comfortable room , There is a yellow dog growing up with him, with warm memories and an unforgettable past .

When you close the door , He just felt a whirl , Before I could sigh , Then fell into endless darkness .

The vast snow can cover up all traces .

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