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My memories (52)

2021-08-31 22:14:14 Life journey

Chai Yiping, principal of Balipu school, is very enthusiastic , Smile all over your face , Shaking my hand , I'm embarrassed , I'm not used to shaking hands . He asked me to bring fifth grade Chinese , Fourth grade math , There are also some miscellaneous eight classes ; He said I was a good national teacher . What about himself , Just bring a second grade math , Said he cooked it , Level co., LTD. . Later I learned that , He and I used to be 1976 An old classmate of the same high school who graduated in . He said he had no impression of me at all , Me too... To him , He was disgusted , He said he was a monitor , Join the martial arts team of this school , He is the one who can turn a hollow somersault .

Chai Yiping has some problems , Remember . In his spare time, he always invites me to play poker with him , I said I had to take the copay exam , Don't have the time , He said :“ good , You look down on me as a bumpkin !” Then play . Less than a few laps , He cooperated with Xiao Wang to play ghost tricks , Steal cards , Change the cards , Peeping . Play like this , I lost nine out of ten , It's like giving him cigarette money for nothing . Closing financial account , He is full of tricks , Counterfeiting on bills , Take advantage of small things , Play smart .

You always talk to me “ Old classmate ”, In the bottom of my heart, I hate to death . Just one example .87 Before the winter vacation at the end of the year, I heard that I would send a pen to national teachers “ Four stickers ”, There are hundreds of dollars . Chai Yiping scolded me that day :“ National Teachers , The fucking one “ Four stickers ” Take it back and buy a coffin !” It is said that “ Four stickers ” It was collected from the local people , As a national teacher , Bonus and other subsidies other than salary , There are about four hundred dollars a year , And private teachers do not . I am the only national teacher in Balipu school , Didn't you scold me ? Such an old classmate !

Scolding is not enough fun , After this winter vacation , The next year, the previous year , He cut the back of my new bag in half with a blade , I thought it was cut by a thief on the street . One day I found that all the tiles at the bottom of my new porcelain face plate had fallen off , Obviously someone picked it up and fell like this , But at first I thought it was my own carelessness . A few days later , I found a two foot long cut in my sheet , Only then did I know , Someone deliberately did something bad , The sheet can't burst into this hole by itself . I asked Xiao Wang in my dormitory , He said Chai Yiping scratched it with the tip of an iron pen engraved with steel plate characters . Wang and told me , Face plate , The bags were all broken by firewood .

This man , A dignified headmaster , It turns out that these boring people , For my melancholy and meager national teacher again and again , Vent his jealousy again and again .

Just as I was about to find my next foothold , Chai Yiping transferred away , Lu Wangcai, the old principal of Balipu village, came back from the outside , Replaced his predecessor . Then I'll stay , That's it 88 In the autumn . He 50 A multi-year-old , He became a national teacher only the year before last . He is 1977 The man who exchanged creative experience on the stage in qingzhushan brigade in .

Lu Wangcai is the right name , Greed for money is his outstanding feature . It's too much and too detailed to write it all , annoying , Here is just one example .

Before returning to Balipu primary school, Lu Wangcai worked as a financial manager under Yao pingui, the principal of Balipu township . He once suggested that private teachers raise funds , Private teachers are poor , Which family has urgent affairs and difficulties, which family has relief , The president was persuaded by him , Took his advice . Then he deducted the state subsidy for private teachers for several months , Hundreds of yuan per person , It adds up to thousands of dollars , good , It's all in the hands of Lu Wangcai .

later , Sure enough, some teachers have something urgent , Have difficulties , Ask Lu Wangcai for money , Lu Mou grinned , well , I didn't mention the money today , Come back tomorrow ! The next day he must go to the county and never come back , Let others wait for a day . Anyway, you can't get your money back . Until he was transferred back to Balipu village as headmaster , It's no longer the village's management of money , The money is still in his hand , It should have been handed in , Put it in the hands of the township headmaster . But , He's already done it , say :“ Wang borrowed the money , Don't come to me !” It turned out that Wang moujian was raped for raping female students 10 Years in prison , Lu Wangcai said that the man just borrowed the fund-raising money and soon broke the law and went to prison . Damn it ! Wait patiently for a few years ! Don't people have money when they come back from prison ?

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