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Morning diary: the street where the wind lives

2021-08-31 22:19:45 Literary frequency modulation

      That spring , When I came here , What a wilderness . The flowers are in full bloom , I kiss the stamens , I touch the flowers and leaves , I ran happily in the field ……

      Summer is coming , Ragged old and young , Against the scorching sun , Come here , I sympathize with their poverty . They built a simple house ; They began to open up wasteland ; They want me to drive away locusts .

      autumn , It brings more than a harvest , It also brought a vast engineering team . I run around and look , So they're going to transform this place , The planned community is really tall , But can I still communicate freely ?

      Winter snowflakes are floating , I also fly all over the sky . Oh , I can't get into a window or door , The house is a peaceful scene : A family is having a reunion dinner . I kissed the window gently , Fly away ……

      I am the wind , I still live in this familiar and strange street , I love this place , I love the people who live in this place . I Believe , Only the labor of both hands , In exchange for a happy life !

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