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2021-08-31 22:19:55 Literary frequency modulation

It's not a straight street , There's a bend , There is a gentle slope , It's like the screen wall in front of the main room of the quadrangle courtyard over the threshold , Turn around , It has its own scenery ; More like trombone , Blow resistant , Also resistant to walking . Foshan road 、 Taiyue Mountain Road 、 Xianglu mountain road 、 Danjing mountain road , Pass through Baishan road , It's not counted as Mulan mountain road yet . give a hearing , Shan Hulin smiles , What a beautiful road name , There are two brushes 、 Some weight naming people . then , Step on countless footprints , Indistinguishable footprints like floating dust . consequence , It's physical fitness , It's grinding shoes , It's a faster heart rate , It's forehead infiltration , It's 58000 hairs all over the body .

Get off the subway at Nujiang Park station , Worry about crossing the station , It's not just IQ that's missing , And the heart . Can't drive , In front is a stone wall, closely pasted with sand , It's the end of the line . lengthen 、 Inclined roller ladder , It's like going up into the sky , There is a rolling curtain general in LingXiao Hall , It's called Sha Wujing . A few years later , He will eventually meet Bai Jingke 、 A bald donkey that provokes a crowd of fans , Lei Gong's mouth is sour and smelly. He doesn't accept it and does it. Hairy monkey , A pig with fat head and big ears who eats too much carrots , The little white dragon with four silent hooves . alas , Fate is wonderful , Wonderful surprise , It's wonderful to be together across the sea .

Me and new , Out of the East , I just opened my eyes , Like two leaves breathing and stretching , I couldn't help but praise in my heart , Own sound effect , A low and bright Symphony : What a long clean day , The streets are far away , Things are wide and people are rare , The Taoist tree also leads the meaning meeting in the silent language with tenderness .

It's new to say that you can walk , sadhu , I promised , Joy became brother Yixiu , Old . start , Not where my heart belongs , But the willingness to take a bus . Habitually 、 Skip distance , Solidified dimension , Often determines the fat and thin of the two legs , The breadth of the heart , About the depth of thinking . Who wants to , The fate of man , Take a breath and worry about it in advance , How ignorant , Fortunately, I learned a few words for no reason , I turned several books with the wind without complaint , Shallow . I smiled softly , Tucked in an extra cynical gift to me . This street 、 On the day 、 In this section 、 This precious silence , With my old wife , Set foot 、 Walk slowly , Let your mood ,1/2 rice 、 The rise and fall of each stride flows with random and happy . I want to catch her hand , In light , Sell my old face , Coquettish , Hold it in the palm of your hand , Warm , If she held my arm several times . Every time , No more than five steps , Like a snake , I'll slip away in shame . Her anger , Her grinding broken teeth , The anger she snorted , Oh, i 、 Clip me , Kill me with your eyes . Also use to see , Not to mention , Such as open geothermal pipe , It's been circulating hot and cold . alas , I was then , Will care in the eyes of passers-by who have no time to put , entanglement 、 Cower , Swing over , One year old , One glory and one wither .

today , I want to 、 Took the initiative to take her hand , parallel . Fastening , If you screw on a strand of wire , Tie a solid knot ; Drop a long lock , Throw away the key . I smiled again , This is a very different article from just laughing , With cunning , Be proud , Is to let each other's clothes meet the wind and emit a light roar , Is to let a forgotten tenderness wake up in the soul , It's the firmness that sprouts and grows slowly in the heart until it's green . This first long street , I wish , From rising in the east to sunset , As we keep walking , One more spade, one more spade , Add gravel 、 Tamping foundation 、 Drain the oil 、 smooth 、 compaction , Long repair , Fit . Walking up and down 、 Walking up and down , Into the scene of Shizhi Yuhe , Walk into a delivery letter 、 The wheels squeak , Like an old mail car humming a ballad of years .

We , If you stop , Steal a little lazy , A little dream , It's a loss , Live up to the price of a street , We can't repay it with our lifetime assets .

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