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2021-08-31 22:19:58 Literary frequency modulation

Afterheat flame / original

Waste heat is original

I also like writing poetry

But poetry and song cry in the corner

I don't know if it's a matter of material desire

Or under the pressure of all kinds of life

Anyway, the poet's heart is lonely

No one really appreciates

No one sincerely comments

Poetry used to be gorgeous brocade clothes

I should have stepped on the soles of my feet as a rag

So I let go of the horn feather of the poem

Learn to travel stories from others

I also like writing poetry

The nib swaying in the edge

Occasionally peeking at him and you who write poetry

I couldn't help spreading plain paper again

Write a sad sentence again

Where did the soul of poetry go

Why are you called a poet

Why do you cry secretly at midnight

I also like writing poetry

Poetry is the sky of reverie

Poetry is the mysterious bottom of the sea

Some people say that big coffee or farmers

As long as the fertile soil under your feet is not lost

The tree of poetry is evergreen

Look at some poets who forget their essence

Groaning without illness is everywhere

Even publication has a subtle relationship

A wordless common interest

How eager poetry is that flower

Bloom your pure beauty in time

Waste heat is original


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