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2021-08-31 22:20:09 Literary frequency modulation

The Palace

        “ Death ! Death !” Piles of reinforced concrete are shouting ,“ Push down ! Push down !” Countless forklifts are shouting !

        This ancient city , It will end tomorrow .

        People climb the wall , Holding tea , Talk through the moonlight , It can also be regarded as a memorial to the past .

        “ When Er Niu got married , The big guy is standing on the city wall to meet the groom !” Everyone should be with .

        “ When iron pillar joined the army , His mother cried and watched him come back after walking so far .”

        “ My ancestors used to be a prefect , He came here after escaping from the disaster .” Everyone laughed .

        A voice retorted :“ You've been dreaming for more than 40 years , I'm not awake yet ?” Another burst of laughter .

        “ When the old village head died , They also gave him several miles !” Someone tried to recall .


        Maybe there was a famous scholar City peeping at embroidery households , Maybe there was a dandy leaning on the willow to get drunk , Maybe there was a strong man playing the long clip in the cold wind , Maybe there was a cardamom girl looking forward to her lover , Perhaps once famous Kui's sleeves surprised the world ......

        Once upon a time in ! Once upon a time in ! End ! End !

        The tea fragrance floated up to the bright moon , Looking back, I see tall buildings .


        “ There are three or two peach flowers outside the bamboo , Warm duck in spring .” 

        It's the prosperity of warm spring .

        People are celebrating the unique festival in the town .

        Begonia flowers fall from the branches , People vie for flowers . Legend has it that , The man who catches the flowers , The river god will fulfill his wish , And protect him for the next year .

        The girl held the Begonia high . It's the time of cardamom , The green silk is soft , Star eyes are bright , Youth is boundless ! In people's surprised eyes , She was suddenly swept away by the undercurrent at the bottom of the river .

        The river seems a little bitter , It's a tear of resentment for a beautiful life !

        The sand dredger didn't seem to find anything , Continue to work , Devour the fine sand at the bottom of the river .

        I don't know where , There was a long song :“ Forget the river , Above Sangzi , Half is light , Half is shadow ......”


        The opera is babbling in the crumbling old stage , My voice is a little hoarse .

        No noisy gongs and drums , No cheering audience .

        But he still sang the story of Lang riding a bamboo horse , Still wearing the dress with overlapping flowers and shadows , The road is still in the dream of the past few years , Can't from pull out .

        He used to think , He can sing all his life .

        Wu Di , Clear tears ran across my cheeks , Spent makeup , A mess full of flashiness .

        He vaguely heard the sound of cartoons near the pear garden , There are people and horses .

        dream , After all, I want to wake up !


        In a quiet and peaceful courtyard , The old woman is holding the old cat in the sun , The sun shines through the trees , Reflecting a wet, warm and ancient light spot .

        “ Come on, come on ! You see here ! This is an ancient building with a history of more than 400 years ! The carving on sandalwood is extremely exquisite , vivid , And the totem on the bluestone floor , It's a process 800 years ago , It still seems unconventional today , incomparable ……” The loud voice of the guide cut through the tranquility of the courtyard .

        The old woman still caresses her old cat , I don't seem to feel anything , Lazily basking in the sun .

        I've been used to ! Seven years ago , Her house is planned as a cultural tourist attraction by the Tourism Bureau .

        But , Why do you feel a little sour in the corners of your eyes .


        “ I think Xiang Yu is also a hero ! Unfortunately, now it is under Siege ! It's that ‘ The libashan has a world-class atmosphere , When the time is bad, the Zhui will not die . I don't want to die , How about Yuxi and yufunai !’……” The storyteller has a strong square sound , But he was elated .

        In the distance, the whistle of urban management patrol sounded , The audience dispersed .

        The storyteller looked at the Chengguan who got off the car , wry smile .

The end of the

        You told us what civilization is , But took civilization from us ; You tell us what beauty is , But it takes beauty from us . How should we carry the past , Towards the future ?

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