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Survival philosophy

2021-08-31 23:16:44 Life journey

Those middle-aged people who are not busy have a fixed position in society , Some of them have a treacherous philosophy of survival , Don't underestimate their means and tactics , Although you will find it funny , But it is also a solid means and strategy , People who have never used it will burst into tears just by opening their eyes .

Life has drained my strength . The hardships of life , I have a deep understanding of , In conflict with others , I learned to take the initiative to avoid , I thought it might be because of my character , In fact, my character is also very competitive , I just don't like to talk much , I avoided because I knew I had no right to change my situation , The power held by others has an impact on me , Oneself is unimportant in everyone's eyes , There is no voice , I also complained , I have no friends , In the eyes of those who have touched me , I'm also insignificant , Don't need to be remembered , I know that , So be silent and do your own thing , And don't bother others .

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