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Hello, old fan

2021-08-31 23:16:51 Life journey

A popular saying on the Internet : Whose current is not someone else's predecessor , Whose predecessor is not someone else's current ! We can't generalize , But it's not unreasonable ! If you can meet someone and spend your life together , Have a beginning and an end , Don't take detours and toss less , Let's talk about it differently !

Speaking of my predecessor , I need a glass of wine , Drink a mouthful to moisten your throat , Talk slowly ! A man of nature , How can there be wine , There is no story ! Be open to yourself , Talk about your ex : Lao Fan .

Strictly speaking , Lao Fan is my first love . I chased it with all my life , People don't give a chance , Naturally, it can't be a good story ; Wait for your own , It's too late to give people a chance , So it became the next lie down !

The campus is green , As simple as a school uniform, a good time , It's good to stay in their own memories . Take a sip of wine , The story begins , Tease , Omit here ………… word !

Mention Lao Fan , From the flood !7 month 20 Trapped unit on the night of the th , A circle of friends , Received greetings from all sides . I haven't been in touch for many years , And they don't hesitate to worry , It's really warm ! Naturally, Fanfan's condolences have arrived !

Always my college classmates , That's why I'm lucky to be my first love . Think of the original , An angry woman , The regiment branch secretary who can fight , How many brave male classmates , Afraid of our tiger spirit , My admiration has been hidden for many years , Dare not come close !

This man is not a brave man , But in the face of love , Belongs to the cannon fodder that is not afraid of death ! I'm lucky to go for a while , It's also fate ! Although it ended without illness , But there is no beam !

The student union , I'm here, he's not here ; A small gathering , I'm not going to . adults , have family burden , Avoiding suspicion is very important ! Occasionally talk about the current situation , Like an old friend for many years , That's it !

The day after the flood , Received a message from Lao Fan , It was an accident ! People asked about the flood , My replies are very good , Don't worry ; People say they are worried about their relatives , I replied that I was a relative , got it . Attach a ha ha , End this warm greeting , sufficient , More would be out of order !

Remember to get together ten years after graduation , Lao Fan's whole dormitory , Absent from the collective classmate meeting prepared by me and the monitor , But I came to a dormitory alone and got together in private . Among the brothers , There are always mischievous people , Just give me the video , I have to coax Lao Fan to show his face .

That scene at that time , Especially suitable for a song 《 Fleet of Time 》! Fortunately, , No red face , No red eyes , Times have changed , That is, the heart has no waves !

Lao Fan said , Set up a home in another country , Gave birth to three girls ; I said, , Son preference , It was right to dump you . Brothers, hahaha !

Lao Fan said , I've been following your news , I know who married you , Will be driven forward by a small whip ; I said, , That is , You don't have a chance anyway , Let me help you get rich . Brothers, hahaha !

Hello , Lao Fan ! The flood , Be remembered by old friends , Say not warm , Absolutely adulterated ! Your relatives , I understand. ! Once the most familiar , It has become the least mentioned !

Hello , Lao Fan ! Time flies , Hurried away , No more intersections , Strange to each other , Not a stranger . Then try your best , Be a half baked relative !

Hello , Lao Fan ! The sea of life , I'm lucky to go for a while , Each other's pleasure ! Every present choice , All the best arrangements ! You and I are both passers-by , Peace is bliss !

Sword at dawn

Postscript :《 Hello series 》 It's the most comfortable thing to write about , Every character has flesh and blood , In spite of my poor writing and rough writing , Record every encounter , Be grateful for life ! I'm a girl without a story !

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