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Between black and white, there are more gray areas

2021-08-31 23:17:05 Life journey

2021 year 8 month 25 Japan   Wednesday   Fine

The family will go to the cinema after dinner tonight 《 Anger · Serious case 》. Originally, my daughter and I didn't like watching fighting police and bandits , however , There really haven't been any good movies lately , therefore , We reluctantly chose the film .

little does one think , From the very beginning, I was deeply attracted by the story , Thinking overturns many conventional judgments , No urine spots in the whole process , After a day's work, I became a dog and completely devoted myself to every detail of the film , I have complex feelings for every character in the film , Forget the deep fatigue of body and mind .

The film tells the story of a man who degenerates from a policeman to a kidnapper , a gun battle 、 Drag racing 、 fight …… Standard police and bandit films , Let me feel the excitement of watching police and bandit films when I was a child . At that time , Hong Kong's police and bandit films have attracted men, women, young and old , Everyone likes watching , Some classic films have been watched over and over again .

In particular, action fighting is like flowing clouds and flowing water , It was fun . Especially between the two stars , White and black , From the opposite angle , They showed their respective personalities brilliantly , Completed a fatalistic interpretation .

Nicholas Tse's a Ao, a gangster, stands in a dark position , A bang, the police captain played by Zengzi Dan, stands in a bright position , Two comrades in arms who used to be in the same trench , Finally, they become enemies fighting each other 、 fight , Although in the end, light conquered darkness , But it costs a lot of lives , It's not that big .

Also in the face of high-level pressure , A bang sticks to his principles . Ao made a compromise , therefore , The end is already doomed . Very square yen will not cover for the round Nicholas Tse brothers for the sake of principles and regulations 、 Make false evidence , And very round people are treated unfairly and wronged , I won't stop , Will only take severe revenge on those who are very square .

The reason for the sinister villains and the upright character of adhering to principles , There's a lot of connections , This line runs through the beginning and end , Nicholas Tse plays the villain , I think it's more decent than acting , More impressive . His cool and arrogant expression , Set off the character of the ruthless villain completely . And Zengzi Dan is decent , firm and indomitable , Full of the power of justice .

“ Many things are not just black and white , In fact, there are many gray areas .” In the conversation with the interrogator , Nicholas Tse's a bang said so , It's like talking to yourself , It's also like for a Ao played by Donnie Yen . Yeah , There is more than black and white in the world , It's not just good and bad , There is too much middle ground between the two .

Good people also have weaknesses in human nature , Sometimes you put others in a very difficult situation for your own sake , Bad people also have a flash in human nature , Willing to shed blood for brotherhood and righteousness . People in the underworld also have just people , And people in the white world also have despicable people . Not that once the label is attached , Character will remain the same .

In the showdown between AO and Bang , Ao asked reluctantly , If it were you , Will our fate be reversed ?

I think character determines fate , A bang is more rational , Know that the police can't act on their own , Even the bad guys who deserve to die , That should also be convicted by law , Not by their own violent law enforcement , enforce justice on behalf of Heaven , Kill people . Bang, whether the world is dark or not , I still uphold the original intention and principle of being a policeman , Have a kind and loving wish . Every time he carries out a task, he always “ Don't hurt the innocent and catch the bad guys ” For principle , Even if you get hurt . He has extraordinary courage and responsibility .

And Ao is too emotional , There is no victory over the darkness of human nature , Let revenge fill the whole heart , Let reason have no room for existence . Fate has long been doomed , Ao's extreme character , Do things by all means , Being too cruel , Doomed his tragic fate . If he could be more tolerant , If he could look a little more open , If he turns back early , The outcome may not be so tragic .

Unfortunately, Ao's four years in prison , Didn't wake him up , After he came out, he took cruel measures to revenge those who put him in prison , I really regard life as grass mustard , Cradle of fear , And killed many innocent people . You'll have to pay it back sooner or later , Originally, killing is to go to jail , Whether the people killed deserve to die or not , It should also be decided by law . The consequences of impulsivity , Not only put yourself in jail , Let oneself embark on a dead end .

At the end of the film , When Ao is surrounded by snipers , At a dead end , A bang recalled that he took a Ao to handle the case together , Working together , Recall the desperate look in the eyes of Ao when they were jailed because of his truthfulness in court . A bang's heart is mixed , So he turned his back to AO and left , Stop looking at a former colleague 、 Brother, at the last farewell moment in the world .

Out of the cinema , Back to real life , And my mood is still immersed in the thrill of the film 、 nervous 、 In a stimulating atmosphere . Film is a microcosm of society , Real life may be a hundred times crueler than the plot in the film . The stories in the film test complex human nature . We see the world, except black and white , There are a lot of gray areas , If you can't keep your original heart and bottom line here , Lose the most precious goodness in human nature 、 tolerance 、 magnanimous , Then it will fall from gray to black . Only wish the world to be bright forever , May everyone overcome the darkness in their hearts and move towards a brighter future .

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