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The twilight was set off by the sky and clouds

2021-08-31 23:23:04 Photography

When I was a child, I lived in the country , The most beautiful thing in the countryside is the field , The most beautiful thing in the field is the dealer. The most beautiful thing to watch the dealer is dusk, and the most intoxicating thing in dusk is the sky light and cloud shadow .

Dusk has become my most beautiful memory , The glow of sunset , Put red on the earth, the trees on the earth , The shadow of the house was pulled very long by her , Even wandering in the pond of Weibo , Change all kinds of patterns .

In the twilight , The Earth shows us its depth , mysterious , Magnificent and colorful, with endless changes .

The beetle shook its slightly bulky wings , The fan is buzzing between trees . Where the breeze comes from , The reed flowers are flying , It seems that countless locusts fly to the East in a moment , Then he flew to the West , Spread out in a minute , Then they get together again , In a moment, it will touch the earth , Then it floats to the tree , Like a group of naughty children , Play to your heart's content .

The evening symphony is also intoxicating . With the sound of crisp whip, the men in the northwest pull their necks , Singing their old songs to the distant clouds , So what echoed in the vast field was a little desolate , A little sad , A little painful , Struggling and helpless Qin Opera .

Then came the sound of the old cow returning at dusk, calling the calf more urgently than ever , She has accumulated enough milk in her milk bag , Physical needs and spiritual concerns are , They almost ran back to their newborn calves looking at their muscles and intestines .

Into the village , Green trees ring , Deep in the shade is a Bird Festival . With the afterglow of the sunset , All the birds are chirping and making noise , The sound is crisp , Some are dry , Some are tactful , Some are impatient . And these noisy birds , Next to it is the cry of the autumn cicada . These data don't think it's dangerous, but they may die in between. They still climb up the high treetops , Make a declaration of their lives .

Almost every village has a pond , The pond is another scene . One after another in the pond , The interesting frog's cry is saved in the pond , The laughter of the children who don't want to go home is the impatient anger of their parents on the shore

If you go in again , I can only hear the sound of East and West pulling the bellows , This is the village women who are busy preparing dinner , To reward those hungry men from the fields . They know to tie a man's heart , The best way is to tie their stomachs. This is the most intriguing moment in a woman's family .

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