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Grassland trip: Ruoergai in Hongyuan at the end of August

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This summer vacation , Take advantage of the children's holiday , Take the children out to play ( The child 6 year ), So it could have been 3 A trip completed in days , Especially slow down the pace , Change it to 4 God (8.20-8.23). Parent child travel , The child is not old , The self driving journey is not recommended to be too urgent , The daily journey is not recommended to be too long , Children are not too tired , Especially this season , The grassland scenery is just right , Walking, playing and taking pictures , More fun to travel .

DAY 1: Chengdu -- Cotton -- Hongyuan County Hotel

morning 9:00 From chengdu , Around noon, go to Mian'an service area , Leave after the meal break . After entering Hongyuan County , There are almost grasslands along the way , The horse 、 Yak , Not in a hurry , While walking and playing, watching the scenery and taking photos , Afternoon 17:30 Arrive at the hotel in Hongyuan county around . If there is time on the way , You can also go to miyaro and Taoping Qiang village .

DAY 2: Hongyuan County Hotel -- Its crescent -- Jorge tonk town

Its crescent : tickets + Sightseeing car =58 element

It is very convenient to stay in Hongyuan county , It's also very close to Yueliangwan , After washing in the morning, you can go to Yueliangwan to play . You can stay in Yueliangwan 2-4 Hours , Look, I arranged it myself . The place is not too big , Mainly to see the scenery , Taking pictures , You can also ride a horse or something . After the Moon Bay , You can go back to Hongyuan County for lunch , Then set off for Jorge . Along the way from Hongyuan to Ruoergai : Jiuhong grassland scenery road , The scenery is very good all the way , Take pictures as you go , And places to ride and play . Arrive at the tonk Town Hotel later in the afternoon , In order to go to the first bay of the Yellow River .

DAY3: Tonk Town Hotel -- The first bend of the Yellow River -- Chuanzhusi Town Hotel

The first bend of the Yellow River : tickets + Up sightseeing elevator =105 element

Early in the morning, I set out for the first bay of the Yellow River , Because of the changing weather and rain , After winter . But after noon , The weather cleared up , The scenery is quite good . Put the car in parking lot 1 or 2 Any parking lot , The two parking lots are not far apart . If the weather is fine , You can get up early to see the sunrise , Or wait until the sunset at night .

The car is in 1 Parking lot No :

Go down the plank road first , arrive 2 Parking lot No , The entrance of the up sightseeing elevator , Take the elevator up to the top , Then walk down the plank road to 1 Parking lot No , Just one cycle .

Good physical strength , Don't take the sightseeing elevator , It can be downloaded from 1 The entrance to parking lot No , First climb up the plank road , When you reach the top , Then walk down the sightseeing elevator , Then go down the plank road and make a detour 1 Parking lot No .

The car is in 2 Parking lot No :

That is the entrance of the up sightseeing elevator , Take the elevator up to the top , Take the plank road down to 1 Parking lot No , Go down the plank road for sightseeing and return to 2 Parking lot No .

You must go and see , From above , Look around , Shocking .

here , Children are most happy to find marmots , With luck , You can also see .

because 8 end of the month , There are no more flowers in the Flower Lake , I didn't look at Huahu and Langmu temple in the direction of Ruoergai County .

After the first bay of the nine bends of the Yellow River came out, he went directly to Chuanzhusi town , Walking S301, The road is flat , There are few cars , There are many , There are many grasslands , There are many yaks . The altitude of Chuanzhusi town is lower , Better comfort .

DAY4: Chuanzhusi Town Hotel -- Songpan ancient town -- Maoxian -- Wenchuan -- Chengdu

Chuanzhusi town is very small , After breakfast , You can go to Chuanzhu temple and Red Army memorial square , expect 1-2 In an hour , Then set off for Songpan ancient town , You can walk around the ancient town , Look at the ancient Great Wall , If you have time, you can also go to Munigou scenic spot . After lunch in Songpan ancient town , We set out for Maoxian county ,8 At the end of the month in Maoxian county , There are apples and plums , There are sellers along the way , You can taste and buy . Then I went all the way back to Chengdu , End of the trip .

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Previously, I was afraid that the children were young , Afraid of high anti serious , I haven't been to . This trip , Drive from Chengdu to Hongyuan county , Children have little hyperreflexia . According to the surrounding self driving friends to share : Children's adaptability and adjustment ability are actually better . But there are individual differences , Take children on a trip to the plateau , Everything that should be prepared must be prepared .

2、 Special notes : Anti high reaction 、 Rainproof 、 Cold proof 、 Prevent bask in 、 Prevent mosquito bites

Don't think it's summer, just bring summer clothes , Hongyuan and Ruoergai are both at 3500 above , Plateau climate , The weather is changeable 、 Ultraviolet light is strong , Sun during the day , It's normal to be cold at night , Day and summer , Winter at night , Rainy days are equivalent to winter , It's windy and cold . Don't run around on the Plateau , Don't exercise hard , Be sure to pay attention to sunscreen . The following items are essential : Oxygen tanks 、 Umbrella 、 A raincoat 、 sunscreen 、 Sun hat 、 sunglasses 、 Cold medicine 、 Summer wear 、 spring clothes 、 Winter clothing , Enough snacks .

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