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2021-08-31 23:47:11 Literary frequency modulation

  No one answered the other end of the phone , Only “ toot toot ” The response and the silence around . The only noise comes from the passing vehicles in the downstairs Street and the only bird singing , Say quiet and quiet , Say noisy , Not completely noisy .

  Chen an put down the phone , There's nothing to say , This is his third call to Wang Qingfa , Not many calls , The process of waiting is very tiring , Time is calculated in seconds , It seems that a long time has passed , It's like a day has passed . Wang Qing's indifference makes Chen an a little desperate , Some are out of breath . Chen an didn't completely lose hope for this relationship , At least they are still in love , Although there are always contradictions , There will be big and small quarrels and unhappiness , Will be as desperate as now , No help , The bitterness of love is like bile pouring into the mouth , Then drown the lonely soul , It's a small thing , It's a part of life , But it has always attracted attention .

  It has always been cared about .

  Before , Wang Qing has said many times her dislike and disgust for Chen an , This may be caused by the bad mood after the quarrel , Wang Qing is straightforward , I don't think much about speaking , More often, you can say what you want to say . She can dote on Chen an incomparably at this moment , You can also scold him bloody at the next moment , Love or not is so obvious , Sometimes it's like lying , Say something to vent your emotions , No practical consideration , There is no sincere concern .

  Chen an realized that his heart had been hurt , That inexplicable sense of loss has been around him , Although calm and good at patience are really popular , Boys with good character always have their own unique charm , Maybe he's good at acting , Maybe I'll listen , When we fall in love, there are countless reasons for falling in love and the interpretation of longing for sweetness , Think about it and feel happy . At least it's much better than one side being angry alone .

  Go shopping at a familiar convenience store , Buy what you like , What you think is delicious . The cranky mood always follows Chen an , He thinks a little too much , And it's not an optimistic idea , Not a feeling of joy , He grew dull with sadness , Become a little numb . Familiar drinks and snacks , He chose with displeasure , It's hard to believe that he chose food to enjoy it , The weather outside the window is getting darker , Maybe the clouds obscured the dazzling sun , Ushered in the long lost cool .

  Wang Qing has some dislike for Chen an , So she will secretly choose to associate with better boys , She unilaterally declared that these were just her friends , She has given her great help and encouragement in her work and life . There are many reasons to dislike , Maybe it's his boredom and sensibility , He is a slow man , It's always been , He may not be able to be the most romantic person , But he just tried his best ……

    When Wang Qing needs to buy expensive satchels and clothes , Will pay the money for her , Occasionally I will buy some jewelry for her , In normal days, I will take her to eat high-grade , An elegant but not noisy restaurant , Delicious enough , And enough face , Not too poor . Wang Qing is an amorous woman , It has always been so , Because she is very feminine , Have a gentle and moving voice and slim figure , She has many admirers , Men are eager to date her , having dinner , See a movie , Buy her expensive jewelry and luxury bags . She is used to showing her own woman's charm on social platforms , Her ability to work , Her efforts have yielded —— Job promotion , Famous brand clothes and watches given by others , All kinds of flowers sent by male colleagues and other suitors , Expensive medium rare steak and caviar with bread in high-end restaurants ; She is a person who likes making friends , Need to make a lot of friends , Both the same sex and the opposite sex have an inexplicable worship and admiration for her , With continuous promotion and promotion at work , Her working ability has absolute authority in the company , meaningless , She is already a very successful woman .

  Chen An's inferiority complex , More because he is a man , No more ability to make more money , Have fame , alike , His friends are just ordinary citizens . He and Wang Qing met because of love , A quiet and ordinary life is his desire and pursuit , Wang Qing's continuous improvement doesn't seem to be a good thing for him , It feels like being constantly suppressed , Love is constantly deteriorating under fame and interests , Like moldy food , Even if the food is delicious and precious .

  Not all women are material , A breakfast shop on the street near my home , A young couple always get up early in the morning to sell breakfast , Stir-Fried Rice Noodles , Soup , steamed vermicelli roll …… The neighbors in the neighborhood like to eat , Also witnessed the simple love between them . Of the couple , My husband looks like a rural farmer , Dark skin , Often expressionless , I'm used to working steadily and being as light as water ; The wife is beautiful and has aura , Different from her husband's Muggle , She is outgoing and lively , He is good at getting on well with his neighbors , So her breakfast shop always has a fixed source of customers , Attract them to patronize their business .

  Chen an often patronizes this breakfast shop , Recently he just lost his job , Without a job, he eats breakfast every day , After a walk in the park , Go to the beach , Then go home , Look at some information on the recruitment website , Look at the recruitment , Then have a cup of coffee , Then he went to bed after eating . Chen an admires the couple's love from the bottom of her heart , Even if it's very dull , At least never lack company and support , He looked at himself now , I look worried in the mirror , Without the joy and innocence of previous love , The person he loves has gradually moved away from her , It seems that his love with Wang Qing has come to an end , Even though his heart has a lot of unwilling and helpless . Wang Qing flew high into the sky like a Golden Phoenix , He thinks he's like a frog at the bottom of a well , She seemed out of reach , He has a hunch that Wang Qing will break up with himself , Then leave yourself .

    One day , He saw Wang Qing facing the old , An old man in a flashy suit makes out , Next to an advanced Mercedes Benz , Their love is as sweet as a newly married couple . Chen an is like being hit by a stick , Tearing pain wandered in his heart , I can't help being sad ; Wang Qing is like an elegant white swan attached to the old man , It's like a rainbow around them , Her bright lipstick is very much like the blood dripping from Chen An's heart , Bright red , Gorgeous , And full of temperature . The whistling of passing vehicles is difficult to distract Chen an , He untied his tie , Shove it into your briefcase , But always unwilling to leave , The old man put his hand on Wang Qing's waist , The two people gradually walked away .

    Chen an seems even more sad in a trance , She lingered , Then he paced across the street , All of a sudden , A coupe sped past .





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