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Early autumn morning

2021-09-01 00:01:43 Life journey

Early autumn morning , The sky is clear , White clouds are blossoming . Transformed white clouds , Present a variety of shapes : Gather like lilies , Like a silver tree flowering ; Beating like a urchin , Like a girl's dance sleeve ; It's like young women whispering together . What are you talking about ? The beauty of first marriage , Or her husband's tenderness ? What a provocative cloud ! Can you tell me , How many secrets do you have , Hidden in the heart , Refuse to show ?

Big locust on the side of the road , Shiny leaves , By the autumn wind , Shua Shua ; Green weeping willows , Swaying in the autumn wind , Like girls dancing , very pretty and charming ; On the green belt in the middle of the road , A neatly trimmed dwarf pine 、 Holly is not willing to be weak , It shows the enthusiasm of the boy ; Roses on the roadside 、 The roses are in full bloom again , It's gorgeous , I want to send waves by the autumn wind , Meet the tall gentleman in the dwarf pine , But the road across is like the Milky Way drawn by the Queen Mother , It's impossible to overstep . The sky is the same as the earth , Plants and animals have feelings , I hope Qiufeng understands my feelings , Send the slave to Lang's heart !

autumn , be neither hot nor cold , It's the most comfortable season . I see people going out , Dress casually : Trousers and short sleeved shirt , Shorts, short sleeved shirt . Most girls who love beauty are beautiful skirts with sleeveless short shirts , Some old people have added small waistcoats , Young men wear the most orthodox , Trousers and short sleeved shirt , hurried , Guess it's an office worker . Autumn season , Dressing up , Colorful and colorful , Beautiful !

I walked on the sidewalk of Wanfeng road in Beijing , Breathing the fresh air , Enjoying the scenery on the roadside , Watching the cars and people coming and going , Suddenly made a decision : A few days later, my granddaughter went to school ( Hourly pick-up ), The old couple drove back to their hometown in Shandong , Visit brothers and sisters , Talk about brotherhood ; Enjoy mature crops , Yellow corn , Golden grain , Green vegetable garden ; The little fish in the big meal brother's net , Chicken soup stewed by siblings , All kinds of dishes cooked by my nephew and daughter-in-law . If you stay longer , And fresh food , Steamed bread steamed with new wheat and new corn flour , It's very fragrant ! It's very fragrant !

Hometown , The sight of autumn tempts me ! The family talk attracted me , The delicious meal provoked me . I decided to , Back home !

The world is beautiful , The world is beautiful , Old friends , Don't disappoint Qiu's patronage !

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