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Looking at beauty under the moon is another situation

2021-09-01 00:01:49 Life journey

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Every day, every moment, every moment is not always in beauty , But you see your life through today's beauty , Don't have a taste . Wind and rain is a necessary course in life , No one can avoid . So think , Life is really fun . No , It should be fun .

This life, , You don't need everyone to like you , You don't have so much time to make friends with many people . That's right , You are not RMB . well , Such a thought , Interesting. .

Life is not long , Sometimes don't make yourself too tired , There's so much to do , You don't need to do everything well . If you can do one thing well in your life, you can live well . So think , It's exciting .

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“ View the mountains upstairs , Watching the snow at the head of the city , Watch the moon in front of the lamp , Guanxia in the boat , Beauty under the moon , Another situation .”

In all things , The heart is above all things . When I'm tired , When I'm not happy , Appreciate something from different angles , The resulting look and feel will be very different . Life is not just trivial in front of you , More music and poetry .

Enjoy some scenery and things from different angles , Put beauty on time . The distance , The height of the terrain , Talk silently , The landscape is different , We met face to face with all this , The power of beauty is quite different .

Step on the bridge tonight , Listen to your favorite songs in the silver shadow of the moon . Speak in silence , Think in your thoughts , Your spirit flows from precious to full .

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