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It would be nice if some people didn't know each other

2021-09-01 00:21:48 Life journey

Don't provoke a silent person , Don't light an old house .

Feng was a civil servant admitted five or six years ago , Yi was a career editor admitted last year , Originally, they were just colleagues in the same department , It's understandable to come closer . But one by one “ Brother Xiaofeng ” Cried , When you eat, you must shout to your peers after work , Feng is on call , Like a little attendant .

When dining in the canteen, I often see Yi feeding braised meat to Feng's mouth , Feng puts out his mouth and quickly holds it . Yi said proudly , Is it delicious , Um. . Feng has a happy face .

Both of them have no taboo about their colleagues who come and go , At first, some people thought they were talking about someone , Only later did I know , Feng's children have gone to kindergarten , Yi got married last winter .

Once everyone chatted and said , Yi said solemnly , I like men like Feng . You don't know , How difficult it is to test civil servants , I almost died in my career exam , How powerful Xiaofeng is . A look of envy , That's a fan's love for his idol .

It's hard for everyone to talk about it after listening .

A new colleague has been assigned to the Department these days , Tall and powerful 、 It's 1.9 meters tall , Wheat skin , Without a trace of fat , Strong muscles can be seen faintly under the shirt , I like to keep fit at ordinary times , Pay attention to maintenance . Shirt, jeans, little white shoes , The breath of youth .

It's not like a peak , Just 1.7 meters tall , Less than 100 Jin , The man's house looks weak , Big frame , Thick lenses , When you see it, you are preoccupied , Walk with your head down , Pass by and say hello , Feel the sound from a far away place , Qi like wandering silk . Wear loose sportswear all day , Walking is like playing chess , Take your time , Left and right senses are discussing whether to go or not , At the age of 30, he walked out of his old age .

Yizi offered to help him fetch water and clean up the table , Help bring breakfast for a few days , Milk and bread , Arrive at work early in the morning , Warm the milk on the water tank at the first time .

Lunch at noon , Feng sits alone at a table , Jardine and he sat in the back , The plate came in from the peak , Like I didn't see it , It's not like you've been hot .

Feng slowly took a mouthful of rice , Behind him came giggling laughter , I don't know what they're talking about , Anyway, I've been talking and laughing .

After dinner, Jardine and his new colleagues took a cool walk downstairs , This used to be Feng's patent , Now someone else . Feng tou hurried into the elevator without looking back , A colleague joked , Abandoned .

Feng lowered his head and didn't speak , As soon as the elevator door opens , A brisk stride rushed out , Colleagues left in the elevator , Shake your head and smile knowingly .

Feng was originally unknown in the unit , Now I'm more silent . Passing by Yide's office , Take a quiet, distant look , Don't say hello , Go away , For fear of being seen .

Maybe Yifeng is a beam of light in his heart , Now the light shines on others , There is nothing to say about sadness and disappointment , He has become a joke among other people .

Feng didn't come to work for several days , I heard that I was ill . Then I didn't come to work for a long time , I knew he couldn't sleep , Depressed .

People talk about peaks , I feel a little sorry , Good boy , How to say sick is sick .

Yi answered , Silly .

An understatement , Summarizes the peak . I hope Feng will never hear .

It would be nice for some people not to know , Some love is lucky when it doesn't start .

Don't try fresh , In love , Broke my heart . Some people are like butterflies , I'm busy collecting honey every day , It's impossible to stop in one place , Just watch the excitement .

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