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The fourth day of Jane Book punch in

2021-09-01 00:48:37 Life journey

Today is the fourth day to punch in Jane book ,2021 year 8 month 26 Number , Checking the weather forecast early in the morning is , overcast , maximum temperature 27 Celsius minimum temperature 22 Centigrade , Good air quality . It's really cloudy , Not like a few days ago , The morning forecast is cloudy , The result? , In the morning, it began to crackle. A heavy rainstorm hit . It's cool today , No sun , The air is good, too , It should be the rare good weather in this period of time . But you can't say it too early , Because today is not over , There's another afternoon .

It's school season again , Today, I saw several young people pushing trolley boxes on the subway , I guess they all report to the University . My daughter also bought a ticket , I'm going to college in two days . How time flies , It feels like the day just after the summer vacation was yesterday , How can one or two months of vacation be over in a twinkling of an eye ? I have never felt that time passes so fast , Are you afraid of getting old quickly ?

When I was a child , I think time is too slow , Look forward to the new year every day , Because there are good things to eat during the new year , You don't have to do anything yet . At that time , Material deprivation , Only when the Chinese New Year comes can we enjoy eating good , And new clothes , You can also go to grandma's house to pay New Year's greetings , It's delicious and fun. Who doesn't want to ? When I was a child , I really hope to grow up soon , Always dress up your hair a little more mature , Make yourself look like an adult , But I've really grown up , And I want to see it a little smaller , Younger .

Man , It's true that different stages have different aspirations , Everyone also has different pursuits . You're obsessed with what you want , In the eyes of others may be dismissive , What you think is ordinary may be what others have been looking for . There's an old saying , one should not impose on others what he himself does not desire . The scenery is good elsewhere , You envy people , I don't think you have become the envy of others , You look at the scenery on the bridge , The people who look at the scenery are looking at you upstairs . The night decorates your window , And you decorate other people's dreams .

Now , Life has gone more than half , I feel that time passes too fast . How I want to keep the pace of time , But time will not stop her because of your retention , She still walked forward at her pace minute by minute .

It's really , Son said in Sichuan , Time flies .

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