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A handful of cool, with a fragrance

2021-09-01 00:49:20 Photography

Countdown to school .

Dabao never had such a long holiday when he was in Kindergarten , After graduating from Dabao kindergarten, Heige will take us out for four or five days every summer vacation , The plane 、 Motor car , Or drive around .

But these two years …… alas !

A summer vacation , Just stay at home with the two children , There is smoke in the sky , You have to make a smile in front of people , The chicken flies and the dog jumps , And pretend that the years are quiet .

Black brother works seven nights a day , There is little rest on weekends . Last week promised to take us out to eat whole sheep , It was finally cashed yesterday .

I can't go far , Then go to the nearest . A hundred kilometers , Black brother brush shake What you see when you sound , Mengyin family roasts whole sheep , It looks tempting , I booked one in advance .

Make an appointment with brother Zhao's family . Some time ago, brother Zhao did a job for brother hei , Never give money , Brother black is sorry , Just want to invite their family to dinner .

Brother Zhao's family are also two sons , The boss starts high school , The younger is less than two years old . I found a dozen pairs of small leather eggs and brought them to him in small shoes , Clean up , The shoebox is complete , Are at least 80% new , Code neatly with packing tape .

Last time I gave them seven or eight baby carriages, big and small , There are trolleys 、 Tricycle 、 Slip baby artifact , make . Brother Zhao and sister Zhao are my hometown , Living in our hometown , Are very real people , Give everything , Never abandon .

Make an appointment to meet at the highway intersection at eight o'clock . Brother Zhao, they went early , After connecting the head, brother black asked brother Zhao if he had a walkie talkie , I really brought , One for one .

The funny black brother said that although only two cars are a team , It's convenient to have a walkie talkie . For the first time , I had to adjust the channel before I could talk . It really explains what is “ Don't hang up on the same channel !”

The two boys whispered , I don't know where it is What a bad idea ……

Yesterday was the clearest day of this time , The maximum temperature is 30 degrees , The sun is dazzling , But it's the beginning of autumn , The wind is cool , The feeling of crisp autumn .

Brother Hei searched the night before yesterday. First go to Baihua Valley to play . Brother Zhao followed us all the way , The party was in high spirits , Follow the navigation prompts to .

But I just can't find ! The navigation display is nearby , But it's almost to the top of the mountain , I haven't seen a large sea of flowers . What's the matter ?

Brother Zhao and the owner of the car in front looked at each other and smiled ,“ We followed you up , Thought you knew the way !” “ I thought you knew !”

Brother Hei got out of the car and asked two old people on the side of the road , The old man smiled ,“ There are no flowers now !”

See light suddenly , So that's it ! A wise man has a thousand worries , There must be a mistake , smart as a rule , Confused for a while , Brother black forgot , It's early autumn .

But the old man also provided us with a message , There is mountain spring water below , You can take the children to play . There are no flowers in Baihua Valley , It's good to have water !

Sure enough , Not far away , There is a large stone , Clear mountain spring water , Two eyes light up : It's “ No place to find , It doesn't take much time to come ”! I like such a place !

Excited children are like caged birds !

Small skinned eggs who shout about playing with water every day , Really have a chance to experience , I was scared back again , The water is too cold , What a pussy .

A handful of mountain spring water , Cool , It's very pleasant , I'm so happy !

get dizzy with success , Trampled over a stone , One foot in the water , Shoes and socks are all wet …… No harm, no harm .

A successful summer break through the triple digits (102 Jin ) My treasure , Climb up and down vigorously , Show the tiger's true colors .

If it hadn't been for brother black shouting to go , I really want to play for a while .

The purpose of our trip is to eat sheep !

It's just a tortuous process , Press the navigation prompt , Seven turns and eight turns , There are several places to build roads , Circle round , Test your driving skills . Brother hei and brother Zhao are two big men who want to open up ,“ Anyway, the oil just filled up , Who cares !”

Finally arrived ! I drop a day !

A man at the door showed us to stop on the slope . What a big surprise ! There is a large area of beautiful Gesang flowers !

Can't wait to rush over , Enjoy clicking, clicking ~~~

( calliopsis , Alias Qiuying , In the west The Tibetan name is Gesang flower , In the east It's called broom Mei in the North )

In Tibetan , People like to put everything that symbolizes beauty and hope , Call it “ Gesang ”. So Gesang flower is often called happy flower , It is people's spiritual sustenance , It is the expectation of happiness, auspiciousness and a better life .

Gesang flower is always used to describe women , If a girl is very beautiful , Make people feel happy , Then she is the delicate Gesang flower . If a person is regarded by Tibetans as “ Gesang ” To describe , That explains. , In his heart, you are a very unique existence .

Forget again , The purpose of our trip is to eat sheep !

The walkie talkie became the plaything of the two brothers ,“ Ball ball, where are you ? Come quickly , There's an unidentified object here !” “ Yes, I have !”

I ordered a lamb of 35 Jin , Eight free dishes , A pot of mutton soup , It's enough for ten adults .

But our war Bucket force , Four adults , Two half boys , Two children , I ate 7788 , The rest of the mutton is almost enough for two people , Pack it for brother Zhao , We packed mutton soup .

When the whole roast sheep comes up , Staring blankly at the master on the table next to us, he skillfully divided us into four plates , When I brought it up, I remembered that I forgot to take pictures .

Men eat raw onions , My sister-in-law and my children ate cold cucumber and pickles .

Compared with those big meat , I prefer this little King Kong , The skin is burnt , A thin layer of meat inside , Not at all , Big treasure with bad teeth can only watch me gnaw .

As for losing weight , Just stand aside ! The master said , If you don't eat enough, you won't have the strength to lose weight ! Deep that ( Deceive oneself and others ).

Satiate , Go home .

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