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2021-09-01 00:55:34 Photography

      It rained in Chengdu for a day and a half , I didn't rest at night . The light rain in the forecast 、 Moderate rain 、 And showers , Ticking canopy , Confusion blurs the specific distinction . The unbearable heat of Chengdu for most of the month , Completely lost his temper , low temperature 17、18 degree , The high temperature 21、22 degree , It's not called hot , Just call Qiuliang out, ok . This is no cooler than that , That's cool, but also a blouse 、 shorts , Sitting 、 I can't sleep without the bamboo curtain 、 Cowhide mat ; This cool put on long clothes and trousers , I also put socks on my feet . Sitting on the sofa 、 Sleeping in bed , Anything related to cool characters , They all withdrew . My wife asked me what to do if it was still hot ? we'll talk about it then , It can't be cold , And keep it cold .

      As soon as the weather is cool, my mood will be cool , It got hot some time ago. It's not good. It's not good , Become friendly and kind in the blink of an eye . People need a pattern 、 Inclusive , If you are short-sighted and only see the present , It's easy to be blind, pessimistic and disappointed 、 Will exaggerate the practical difficulties experienced 、 You will feel that all this is hard for you . In fact, heaven and earth work 、 The sun and moon change , Each has its own natural law ; Between cloudy and sunny 、 Between hot and cold 、 Between comfort and pain , Are alternating 、 Rotation on stage . Understand these principles , Why worry about nothing , Why complain about others , Why do you have to make it difficult for yourself ? I still like to be happy 、 A sunny life , Always see light in the dark , Summon up courage when you are passive , Rekindle hope in despair . Whose life is a lifetime , Who can tell that all his life is good luck ? Instead of looking forward and backward 、 A loser will continue to live , Why not be optimistic 、 aggressive , Take the life that should have been valuable , Keep it in your own hands . Of course, people's living methods cannot be forced to be uniform , It's your own business how you want to live , But live healthy and happy , It should be the pursuit of the vast majority of people .

      There are friends in Liuzhou , Just now, wechat said it's still hot there , Then he issued a forecast for the next week , A stream of red is all 35 The high temperature . Look at Chongqing again 、 zunyi 、 guiyang , Mild and pleasant, similar to Chengdu . The weather cools down , I began to feel uneasy , Let's start from the nearest place , Let the body bones curled for more than a month move , Re adjust the phone lens , To capture the scene of early autumn in Chengdu .

( The illustration of this article is taken by the author in Zhijin Grand Canyon, Guizhou )

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