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Autumn Fu of the Northern Kingdom

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    Go out of the East Gate , Going to the bathhouse , You must go north . There is a tiny walnut forest in the right front of the dormitory building , Wooded , If it's not noon and midnight in summer , A few invisible months . On the occasion of the late autumn Festival , Supporting and dispersing branches and shoots , Forest broadleaf paving , Like a butterfly with broken wings . Three or two black finches chirped in the meantime , Shanshan is lovely .

      After more than ten steps along the path, you can see a court , There are four or five begonias in the West , The branches are decorated with real pearl red fruits , stars , Bright and pleasant , There is a circle of evergreen dwarf shrubs around , There are two towering neem trees in the north of the bush . Go back tens of steps , To an intersection , It's time to close the wind and shake your sleeves , Neem leaves fall like yellow rain . Think of 《 West Box 》 Scene of Cui's farewell lover :“ Blue cloud sky , Yellow leaf field ”, Believe it !

Begonia fruit

      Turning right is due east , Main road , The so-called Wutong Avenue is also . Towering Paulownia stand along the path , The silver trunk is tall and straight , The canopy of a pavilion is like an umbrella , Want to cage everything in it . Layers of branches and leaves are like stained frost , Gorgeous relief from afar , Close up, the color is beautiful , red 、 orange 、 yellow 、 brigitte 、 green 、 White miscarriage , It's hard to work like Zong Bing's pen . Stroll through it , As in the picture .

Wutong Avenue

      Along the Wutong Avenue , There is more than a mile to the east when you step on the rustling leaves , Go back to the first intersection , A row of gingko trees on the right side of the fork was silent , Like soldiers ready to go . Line of sight up , The sky is covered with apricot leaves , Its color is like a ripe orange peel , The sun shines , Glittering and translucent .


      Go straight for about half a mile , Follow a red brick path south , Gradually heard the sound of cold water , Brush the small bamboo forest on the left , An oval pond juts out . There is a rockery lying in the northwest of the pool , The little waterfall flies from high to hit the stone , The water is very clear . The pool water is dark green and bottomless , Several white lotus petals and red leaves float on the water . The pond looks northeast , A beautiful Danfeng remains independent , Sunny weather , The sun shines through the small maple leaves , The fine spots are like fireflies .

red maple

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