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2021-09-01 00:59:50 Love photography love life*

Taken in 2020/6/15

you ……

How long haven't you been out for a walk ?

The school has been closed for too long

I haven't been out for a long time (´ཀ`」 ∠)_

( Looking forward to the winter vacation ……)

I really want to go out and take fresh photos

The leaves of the school have fallen off and are not good-looking (。í _ ì。)

I always wanted to go to the morning market behind the school to take pictures of fireworks in the world

It seems that we can only wait for next semester

Grannies sitting under the tree chatting

( One ) This is my favorite ! It can be said that I yearn for the old age life !

She and I are good friends !

( Two ) Two grandmothers who use umbrellas to shade on a sunny day , The two of her later went on the overpass and chatted together !

( 3、 ... and ) Uncle sitting under the tree enjoying the cool

( Four ) Classic striped shirt and Pu fan

Uncle reading the map

( 5、 ... and ) The uncle looked at the map for a long time (´ཀ`」 ∠)_

( 5、 ... and ) Working aunt

The aunt who is crossing the street

( 6、 ... and ) Crossing the road ……

These pictures were also taken during the summer vacation

The hue is still the hue of little Wu Lamo

“ Let's go out for a walk when we have a chance

Buy some roadside snacks

If it's cold, wear a scarf

Put your hands in your pockets


                        —THE END—

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