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Stepping on the Xiaoqing River in autumn

2021-09-01 01:00:10 Love photography love life*

The last day of October , Suddenly, dust came to Beijing , There is chaos between heaven and earth , Grey , I can't see the distance , I don't know where the dust comes from ?

It was originally agreed to go to Beihai to see chrysanthemums this day , Because of the bad weather , Cancelled the trip .

Rest at home in the morning , Cooking 、 having dinner .

Think about a rare autumn weekend , The family rest at home again , I'm sorry for the autumn in Beijing .

Find a place nearby ! With water and trees , The air may be better .

Then go to Xiaoqinghe park where the National Day is not over .

Starting at noon , Heaven and earth are still yellow , Eyes and nose are uncomfortable , Itchy , The pollution is serious enough today , I haven't experienced this bad air for a long time .

Isn't the autumn wind very strong ? Why hasn't the wind picked up yet ? The weather forecast tells me , The wind is on the road .

Xiaoqing River knows the general direction , Which intersection needs navigation .

I feel a little out of my mind today , Sometimes I can't react to a word for a long time . Since chemotherapy , Find yourself forgetful , And the brain response is much slower than before . My daughter joked that I took too much medicine , Eat your brain out .

I think it's really a little .

Driving today , Listen to the navigation command all the way , The brain is always slow , It's always a hindsight , Almost ran the red light . What's the matter with yourself , Is there really something wrong with your brain ?

Suddenly feel very sad , I was in a bad mood at once , It is suspected that cancer has unconsciously caused a lot of inexplicable damage to the body , I'm not afraid of death , But I'm afraid of living with stupidity and dementia .

however , Soon the beautiful autumn scenery of Xiaoqinghe healed the trauma of the soul , Inspired the mood , Forget the unhappiness .

Xiaoqinghe Park belongs to the rural area of Fangshan waterfront Forest Park , The scenery is extensive , The scenery is closer to nature . There is a river here 、 There are trees 、 There's a lawn 、 There are footpaths . There are children at home , You can set up a tent by the river ; Like fishing , It's also a good place for fishing ; Want to exercise , You can also run or walk on a special plastic Trail .

We are leisure , You can walk in the woods , Bask in the sun by the river , Take a picture of the beautiful scenery .

We are on the west side of the river , This side is covered with large poplars , Tall and straight , I don't know how many years it has been planted , The trees are towering , Point to the sky . Entering the forest is like entering a gas field , The tall and tidy trees seem to be working , There seems to be an energy in the forest , To attract you .

Into the late autumn , The leaves began to fall , From time to time, there are pieces of floating down , There is already a layer under the tree , Step on the soles of your feet and crack , The leaves left on the tree clattered , A dry sound , This is the sound of autumn .

The grass is yellow and dry , The leaves of several ginkgo trees are also yellow , Golden and beautiful .

The whole forest is quiet , Strange to say , When we came, we felt the air all the way very dirty , But here , But I feel the air in the river and forest is good , Maybe it's the air purification effect of rivers and trees , Created a clean environment here .

The beauty here , It's a great beauty , Natural without carving , It's so natural , I'm immersed in it , The natural beauty of autumn is the essence of autumn . This autumn atmosphere full of fallen leaves , It always reminds me of the days when I lived in Baotou . Into autumn , Poplar leaves flutter and fall with the autumn wind , Looking at the fallen leaves , I knew it was the annual vegetable storage season , Cabbage can be seen everywhere in the neighborhood 、 potatoes 、 radish 、 Green onion vehicles and citizens who buy vegetables , These images become memories of autumn .

Now life is good , I wonder if there are people in my hometown who store vegetables in autumn ? In Beijing, , Few families store vegetables in winter .

My thoughts were interrupted by the laughter of tourists , Xiaoqing River is becoming more and more beautiful , People's life is getting better and better , Pursue more and more , Many people go out to enjoy autumn , Such a remote place , From time to time, groups of people walk by , joshed , Take photos all the way , Leave a beautiful memory of this autumn .

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