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Some feelings are doomed to lose to time.

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The one you love , I don't want to cherish you , So I walked along , He doesn't have you in his heart .

See people for a long time

When I first changed my mind , He can still , Old love plays on you , But it's been a long time , People can't disguise anymore !

After all , From the moment I don't want to continue with you , He plans you out of his life .

Because of you before , So don't pay too much attention to the opposite sex outside the preprocessing , But now , You've become someone he doesn't love . So it's inevitable that he will be emotional with others , Once there is something in his world that he thinks is better than you , More important than you , He has reason to break with you .

Since then , He doesn't even bother to do perfunctory things . And put your impatience on the facade .

Your later relationship , No more 、 Positive interaction 、 At all . Even if you try again , He is also unwilling to take out good , Temper communicate with you patiently . To put it bluntly, today's , He doesn't need you anymore , So you give in again , He doesn't want to face up to your intentions .

On the contrary, he has to take two more steps to have more people, but he has to gamble without being ruthless , When someone decides to leave you , You'll find out what he treated you later , Even more mean than strangers .

Previous care and care . Suddenly disappeared . Instead, it is repulsion and alienation , All this reminds you , He doesn't want to go down with you , You keep pestering . Just disappointed , And go back and forth in pain .

Love a person , It's just two results .

Or you're lucky enough , Met a person who is consistent , From then on, he sincerely waited for it and didn't let go ;

Or you're not lucky enough , Meet people who are fickle , You love him very much, but he wants to leave ruthlessly .

Although love is a matter of two people , But if the other party wants to go , You can't bear it anymore 、 It's useless to be unwilling again .

People don't love , Can treat you in the most mean way , If you don't choose to let go , You have to endure .

No matter how strong a person is , I can't stand the indifference and dislike in love , One day you will wake up .

Sooner or later you will understand : Love is not the only thing in life , It's better for people who have changed their heart to leave early , Lest he waste more time .

Just met a heartless person , Don't cry for him 、 repeatedly attempt suicide , That's really not worth it .

Think about your future , If you stop the loss in time from now on , Live your life , It will be another scene .

As for the one who loves and leaves , Don't take it to heart , Your happiness does not depend on him , Don't waste any emotion for him .

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