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2021-09-01 01:17:30 Photography

《Leave a Light on 》

A comment under the hot review

“ I'm a little transparent in school , After reading your words , I want to work hard , Let the students look at me with new eyes .”

The immediate response is not to feel the enrichment of spiritual power brought by music or words , But a little unspeakable feeling , This comment is surrounded by cheers . The original evaluation account said :“ You are the first person to encourage me .”

As if facing the outside world , People are always insensitive to the tender smell , The cause of transparency , It's not that you don't have talent , It's that you're missing a heart that wants to become opaque . 

If showing weakness is an umbrella , Then your strength may only be enough to support him , Finally you see someone else's light shining into the umbrella , You rub your hands , I want to be looked up to !

Such you , Even eighteen martial arts 、 It won't dazzle , Be direct : In the eyes of others , You are not a useful person He is just a useful person . You're not trying to be like xx equally , But to achieve a and xx As good as yourself

Society is cruel , But it's not so realistic . Your talent is indispensable , You are real 、 positive 、 The personality with dialogue courage is the ticket to competition again and again .

Let people hold roses to appreciate her beauty , This is not a fair thing , Knowing that you are beautiful is ten thousand times more important than hearing others praise .

Get up next time , Don't just get close to the template engraved in other people's hearts , And tell others :

Your sharp blade doesn't mean it's hard to touch , It is the symbol of pioneer speed .

Dew like pearl moon like bow , There is a way under the hazy rain , Self confidence and enterprising is the best power source .

In this way, others' admiration will be the result of letting nature take its course , It shouldn't be an end .

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