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2021-09-01 01:20:30 Photography

writing / Baifuxian

  From the edge of the world of mortals

  Walk into the red world inn

  red dust

  In a hurry

  During the epidemic

  Prosperity halved

In the sea of people

I saw you at a glance

A touch of blue in the red flowers and the green willows

A white haired

Give the same white haired you a headscarf

The two old sisters are intimate in the park

Shadows attract me forward

Taking Photos

You see

Big eyes, double eyelids, round face

You finish reading

Give me a picture

I had to go to the photo studio

Today, students take a lot of photos near school

It's half past when I finish developing the photos

Go back to you

The other is no longer around

You're happy to look at the picture again and again

Lian said : Old and ugly !

I said, : No ! It's pretty good !

You're going to give me money

I said, : no need

You say? : The girl , Come and sit next to my aunt

You called a cleaner to take pictures of us

He also said he would develop the photos

I said I'd wash it next time

There are still many things to do today

I am afraid that l have to go

You're still attached to

You are lucky.

Although deaf and dazzled

Someone to accompany, someone to like

I don't know

Decades later, i

Is there anyone else willing to take pictures with me

The aunt I met in the park

I ran into my aunt

Two old sisters

Huxian bell tower

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