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2021-09-01 01:24:04 Life journey

When my daughter hasn't had a holiday , Every once in a while, I always ask about my family , Have a headache , I will also send wechat repeated reminders , It feels like a sweet little cotton padded jacket .

It's not like that when you come back , The day I came back from the holiday , Texting me all the way , As if there were endless words , In fact, it's because there are no jar beans at school , I'm greedy ……

Just got home and put down your luggage , He gave me a bear hug without washing his hands , Want to hang on me , That kind of intimacy makes his father's eyes hot .

As a result, the heat did not exceed half an hour , He went to chat with his father all over the world , I'm the only one left to work in the kitchen . You say do it , At least it will last a little longer .

What's more irritating is , In the evening , I said the air conditioner was on anyway , Not afraid of heat , Separated for months , Why don't we sleep in the same room and talk quietly .

As a result, my daughter came directly :“ Let's forget it , There's no one else at home , Talking loudly is like whispering , If you want to talk, you can talk at any time , No one listened again . Besides , Same sex repels , You'd better go downstairs and sleep with my father .”

I joked that :“ Compared with your father , Why do I think you are more attractive ?”

She said directly :“ That's because Dad's charm is not enough .” He turned back and said solemnly to his father :“ dad , Show your charm that everyone loves flowers and see flowers bloom , Get my mother down .”

On Valentine's Day , My lover sent me a red envelope in the morning , Didn't send her , See her small mouth toot high , Like that , Don't mention grievances :“ hum ! People say that her daughter is the little lover of her father's previous life , What he desires , Send you 999 element , I'll just be the air , Even send me 9 block 9 WOW .”

I looked at her wronged look and felt funny :“ You said you were over twenty , It looks white and beautiful , With your devil figure ; Why doesn't anyone send red envelopes on Valentine's Day ? Still thinking of robbing your father , No shame ?”

“ You didn't say you wanted me to concentrate on my study before my senior year , Don't fall in love ? Now it's my fault . hum !” She turned around , Into the bedroom .

I thought she was angry , The result was just a moment , The sound of reading came from the room .

Originally , Because she's going to be a senior , Preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination , She didn't do much housework all summer , I'm naturally embarrassed to drag her back .

But Valentine's day just finished dinner , She took the initiative to say to us :“ Today's Valentine's Day , Give me the dishes and chopsticks to wash , Have you been to the romantic Tanabata .”

When walking , The lover said that her daughter is so sensible today ? I joked :“ Then why don't you send her a red envelope ? You didn't see that she didn't receive a red envelope in the morning , The disappointed little eyes .”

The lover was stunned , Immediately sent a red envelope .

As a result, I didn't see how much Chu fa , It's over there , I said how I became so sensible , I really want a red envelope .

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