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Why did you resign?

2021-09-01 01:38:19 Photography

There are two main reasons for resigning , One is not enough money , Second, wronged .

Before I came to volunteer for the western program , Working at a base . I was full of expectations , Want to work at the base for two years , Even longer , Who knows, I couldn't stay after I got into trouble with the director !

The reason is that during the Chinese New Year , The base set up a salon , Invite a lot of people to eat dumplings , Celebrate the new year in advance . Then sister Zhong said to let our three interns go to her house for dinner , I dare not make a decision , Then sister Zhong kept persuading us to go , It is said that there are many people , I don't know who agreed first , Sister Zhong came again and said let's come , I answered and said ok . The fuse is this , The director turned his face when he heard my answer , When sister Zhong leaves , Immediately asked me why I promised to go to someone else's house for the new year ? I said Sister Zhong had been calling us , And I seem to hear someone say yes, and I agree with them . The director said : If you three go to sister Zhong's house for dinner , What others think of me ? They'll think I'm not good to you ! I'll think I haven't arranged for you for the new year ! In fact, the director said a big push , To sum up, I'm just afraid that others say she treats us badly !

I was wronged , First, I did not agree until I heard them agree ! second , Sister Zhong has been persuading us , And sister Zhong is no one else , Go to her house for dinner. What's the matter ? Third , Go to sister Zhong's house for dinner , How could anyone talk about this ? Said she treated us badly ?

I really don't understand why the director is so angry with me ! And because of this , My relationship with the director has dropped to freezing point ! Later, although other roommates acted as lobbyists for the two of us , Eased the awkward relationship between us , But I know I'm treated differently !

Come back to work after the Chinese New Year , I feel that important work won't let me do , The director won't teach me anything , You won't take me out unless everyone else is away ! All in all , It feels like my work has been overhead , I'm like an outsider .

The director treated me completely different from the other two roommates , For this reason, I repressed the pain for a period of time , My roommate also found my mood , She said she couldn't feel the difference . They called me the day before yesterday and said they could feel my pain , Because they are now treated differently . No kidding , Empathy doesn't exist at all , Only when you are on the scene can you understand the pain of others !

Then I wanted to drive , Since you don't give me a job, you don't teach me , Then I'll leave after my internship , therefore , I began to pay attention to recruitment , Finally, I decided to go to the West and plan to give myself a chance to devote my youth . Later due , I didn't sign , Also successfully admitted to the western program , Got rid of the place where I was wronged .

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