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Will a person fall in love secretly in middle age?

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Will people still fall in love with someone in middle age ?

Feeling of love , People want to have it all their life , Secretly love a person, do not say middle-aged or not middle-aged .

The reason why it seems to stop , It's not that people become mature in middle age , But the objective environment does not allow . middle-aged , There are old people at the top and small ones at the bottom , Food and clothing live line 、 Eat and drink Lazar , Around what society imposes on people , What can be done , So that one can't act rashly !

As for middle age , That's because of the objective life span , And not what people want . A lot of people are nagging : Life is just like this , Muddleheaded , It's boring . however , It is this group of people who seem to see through life , They tend to be penny wise 、 seek revenge for the smallest grievance .

It is this group of transcendent righteous 、 A man with a hole in the earth , But maybe it's more serious than going back and forth and knocking in the dead , What entangles is this truth , But it can't be this thing .

It's the same group of people , It may be argued clearly , Human feelings are as cold as ice .

Human nature is obvious if , Is this .

Yu Qing , In this , People are the most naive , It is also the most natural .

If you've been in love a thousand times , Men like this , Women prefer this . Because what? ? In the complexity of the world , Changes in social things are myriad , People are always looking for freshness and love .

A woman's greatest wish is that someone will love .

This is the words in a foreign novel .

Women are too short of love , They need attention , Need to appreciate , Need love , It needs to be warm , More need to be flattered like the stars and the moon , Need to be tall 、 strong 、 A rich man dotes on , Need to be safe and warm , More romantic and arbitrary .

also , From beginning to end , Always the same .

also , It's always in the spotlight , Everything is always going well .

One woman alive can arouse the jealousy of other women , They have a sense of value and achievement , They have a sense of glory .

therefore , Middle aged secret love and being secretly loved , They prefer to be secretly loved . Proved that his face is not old , The charm is still , Proved his charm , Double the value .

A woman , Always willing to be the shining star .

What about men ? Often revel in the game of Conquest . Their eyes are outward , Their grandeur is exposed , Their passion needs to be fired , Their heroic temperament needs recognition , Their intense impulses need to be rewarded .

They became the initiators of love and secret love .

therefore , From an ethical point of view , In terms of animals alone , The game of conquering and being conquered , Never stop . What is secret love ?

Is to look more in the crowd , It's the implied favor in the unit , It's a beautiful shoulder rub , It's an occasional encounter , It's temporary pleasure , It is a natural tacit understanding , Is the return of forgetfulness , It's a casual expression , It's a relief to escape Society for a short time . It's the dissolution of pressure , It's a pure feeling .

This feeling , No one wants to ?!

So , A lot of things are hidden .

Because what? ? Because you have a label , You have identity , You have an established framework of time and place . You have many different suffixes .

Who are you, mother , You are the father of , How should you , What should you do , therefore , middle-aged , It seems very mature, not necessarily aware of helplessness , Sometimes I'm really unwilling to become something .

Unwilling , How can you ?!

therefore , Love has become a secret love .

Often in the dead of night , Take a break , Everything is settled. , Often toss and turn , The feeling of secret love is in my heart , Continuous fatigue , Calling dreams , Make you sound all night again , And fight tomorrow .

Secret love is the same as kindness .

Because what? ?

Because time is not old , You and I still . Not because of love , Let's cherish .

No one has never had a crush on someone else , Psychologists tell you , This is a small blessing in one's life , Even middle-aged and old , No one is not . Unless it's a fool with a weak brain or someone on the front line of the brain .

As an ordinary person , It has its own aesthetic , With past regrets , There are also people who look forward to the future , No one will stop and look at the beautiful things . Like flowers , Like the full moon , Such as elegance and humor , Like handsome men and pretty girls , Like a passer-by .

Secret love , It doesn't have to be something , Maybe for a while , Maybe in an instant , Maybe it's a graceful figure , It will also shake in front of you , intermittent , many years .

You don't even know a name , You haven't even seen the front !

Ladies are sensitive to male voices , Maybe it's a magnetic male voice , Can stay in my mind for a long time .

this , It's also a secret love .

When people get old , When one knows that time is running out , Maybe you will face it calmly . The middle-aged secret love is embarrassed and can't come , Finally, the world can be revealed .

So , A person's secret love , It's an accidental candy in life , No one doesn't want to have , Few have never had . But I dare not eat , Can't eat , I know how it tastes , But wait until old age will recall .

For some shy and reserved people , Even if you are old, you can't publish it , They always have an idea : Oh, hello , That's a dead man !

By ashang Qingzi

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