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Days without complaint (20210822)

2021-09-01 02:31:58 Photography

《 Collection activation series exhibition of China Art Museum : To advance in a torrent —— Yellow River theme fine art exhibition in Chinese art collection 》 A collection of excellent works , There are a lot of big guys , It's worth appreciating with your own eyes .

The eyes are vast and simple 、 Vigorous , This is the unique background color of the Yellow River . A forest of cliffs 、 Magnificent waterfalls , The swift river 、 Fighting boat , Fields of hope 、 Busy construction site , Bright scenery , Happy people .

Nie Er Wuweishan     Yellow River Chorus —— exile · rise · Protest Zhan Jianjun 、 Ye Nan

At the gate of the Yellow River   He Haixia

Northern Shaanxi scenery   Fu Baoshi

High autumn in Northern Shaanxi   Qian Songhu

Longyangxia   the moon at the fortified pass

Qinghai Changyun Zhu naizheng

Yellow River   Wu Changjiang

Ancient river road   Deng Pingxiang

cave   Song Renwei

Loess high slope   Yanfei

The East wants to know Shilu

The Yellow River wins   Ou Haonian

The Yellow River thunders in spring   Sheridan

Yungang is looking for a dream   Buy Hongjun

Mogao Grottoes 285 Grottoes · courtyard   Wu Zuoren

Tang sculpture of Foguang temple in Wutai Mountain   Wu Guanzhong

Huang Heqing Fu Baoshi

River epic   Xu Huijun

The morning light of Bohai Bay   Zhou Shaohua

love   Lupo

Ordos grassland   Ye Qianyu

The old road of the Yellow River flood area   Zhang Donglin

Grandpa's River     Shang Yang

New look of the Yellow River   Liu Xian

Yellow River sketching   Zhao Wangyun

Sanmenxia construction site   Wu Zuoren

The Yellow River woke up   Zhong Han

Mother's roar   Jiang Zhixin

Sanmenxia of the Yellow River   Wu Zuoren

Yellow River   Jin Shangyi

Attached is the foreword of curator Wu . Curator Wu is also a writer , The beauty of words , Have been taught several times . I'm looking for the preface of this exhibition , Keep it and read it again .

front said

China overlooks , The dragon is galloping , Golden waves , Reflect the earth . From ancient times , From heaven , of great momentum , Circle of life ……

she , Moisten the great Chinese nation , Gave birth to the splendid Chinese civilization ; she , Gather thousands of rivers and streams , The higher the mountain , Through the Loess , Vast , Rushing into the sea . The Yellow River is constantly striving for self-improvement 、 Resolute and unyielding 、 Open and inclusive 、 Enterprising spirit , Become a symbol of the Chinese national spirit .

From Bayankala mountain to Bohai Bay , The surging Yellow River water , The pastoral songs echoing the Qinghai Tibet Plateau 、 The song of loess high slope 、 The hooves of cattle and horses in the North China Plain 、 The roar of the Yellow River into the sea , This magnificent and gorgeous movement , It's a great natural song .

Through the ages , How many literati 、 Heroes stop by the Yellow River , Gazing at the endless Yellow River , Chant the eternal immortality of the Yellow River .“ Lonely smoke straight in the desert , Long river falling yen ”“ The Yellow River is far above the white clouds , It's a lonely city ”“ The water of the Yellow River rises from the sky , Running to the sea and never returning ”“ The Yellow River comes to the west to settle Kunlun , Roar and touch the dragon's gate ”…… These great poets recite poems that have been handed down through the ages , It shows the vastness of the Yellow River 、 silent , And powerful 、 Broad Meteorology .

But at the same time , The water of the Yellow River is feeding 、 In the process of shaping Chinese civilization , Because of sediment deposition , Repeatedly burst 、 flood 、 diversion , It has also brought profound disasters to the production and life of the downstream people . From Dayu's flood control in the mythological age , To build more than ten large-scale water conservancy projects such as Sanmenxia in New China , A history of Chinese civilization contains the history of harnessing the Yellow River . The Chinese people admire 、 Fear the magnificent beauty of the Yellow River torrent , And constantly fighting it , And further enriched the connotation of the Yellow River Spirit , That is hard work and courage 、 Keep exploring 、 A concerted effort to 、 The spirit of hard work .

The spirit of the Yellow River consists of two parts : Part is formed by the Yellow River itself , Part of it was created by the Chinese people who govern the Yellow River , Its core lies in the powerful force generated in the symbiosis between man and nature . This force inspires the ancient and great nation to move forward .

This exhibition shows the classic art works with the theme of the Yellow River created by generations of artists since the Anti Japanese War . We will find the emergence of the theme of the Yellow River , First of all, it is related to the war of resistance against Japan .1930 In the s, during the war of resistance against Japan , Through Chinese Communist Tian Han 、 Created by Nie Er 《 March of the volunteers 》, Xian Xinghai 、 Created before light 《 Yellow River Chorus 》, The Yellow River roared 、 The image of roaring , These two songs sounded the horn of the Chinese nation's pursuit of Liberation , Issued a battle alarm , Make the Yellow River water, which makes waves, a true portrayal of the Chinese nation's heroic spirit of struggle . Roar 、 The roaring image of the Yellow River , Inspired the Chinese people's will to fight against Japan , To defend the Yellow River is to defend the whole of China ! At the moment , The spirit of the Yellow River is integrated into the firm spirit of the war of resistance against Japan , The spirit of the Yellow River has also injected the red gene of the revolutionary history of the Communist Party of China .

The hope of the Chinese nation lies in the Communist Party of China , Yan'an on the side of Yanhe River, the first tributary of the Yellow River . The central committee of the communist party of China 1935 year 10 In January, it reached northern Shaanxi , until 1948 year 2 In June, he crossed the Yellow River and left Northern Shaanxi , In recent 13 In a matter of years , It is the water of the Yellow River that nurtures our people and soldiers , Supporting the Chinese revolutionary cause led by the Chinese Communists , Holding up the hope of National Liberation . Yan'an is the cradle of the birth of new China , New China came from Yan'an .

After the founding of new China , The Party Central Committee attaches great importance to the Yellow River water conservancy construction , The Yellow River is mainly presented as a managed image . Such as known as “ The first dam of the Yellow River ” Sanmenxia water control project , It is the first large-scale water conservancy project mainly for flood control and comprehensive utilization in the early stage of new China , Many artists go to Sanmenxia construction site to paint from life , A series of classic paintings reflecting the construction of Sanmenxia water control project . These paintings truly reflect the hard struggle of the builders of new China 、 Not afraid of hard 、 Yu Gong's dedication to moving mountains . Since then , The Yellow River is tranquil every year , So far, there has been no flood disaster .

The new period of reform and opening up , The Yellow River mainly presents two characteristics in the image : One is a dignified and deep river , One is a surging river . The former creates the emotional tone of the suffering of the Chinese nation , It implies the tenacity of the ancient Chinese nation 、 Endless vitality ; The latter symbolizes the pioneering spirit of reform and opening up , It means that in the new historical period , A spring thunder exploded , The Yellow River is rolling forward , be a trend which cannot be halted , The bound force is breaking free , Inspired hundreds of millions of Chinese people to emancipate their minds , Stride to the world .

today , The state has set up in the Yellow River Basin 680 Multiple nature reserves ( Among them, national nature reserves 152 It's about ).2019 year 9 month 18 Japan , General secretary Xi Jinping was presided over in Zhengzhou “ Symposium on ecological protection and high quality development of the Yellow River Basin ” And delivered an important speech , He pointed out profoundly “ Protecting the Yellow River is a grand plan for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation ”,“ Yellow River Culture , It is the root and soul of Chinese culture , We should deeply explore the value of the times contained in the Yellow River culture , Speak well ‘ The story of the Yellow River ’, Continue the historical context , Strengthen cultural confidence , In order to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, we should gather our spiritual strength .”

During the 2nd Anniversary speech of general secretary Xi Jinping , The China Art Museum carefully planned the exhibition , It is an important measure to actively practice the spirit of the speech . meanwhile , The exhibition is also a tribute to the Centennial birthday of the Communist Party of China .

To advance in a torrent ! Forge ahead in the torrent ! The torrent of the new era shows that the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is rolling forward in an irreversible state .

Curator of China Art Museum Wuweishan

2021 year 8 month 10 Japan

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